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No plates on new car (not even red)

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12 hours ago, transam said:

If you want to be extra careful, when you get the ride, and if your LTO is open, take your purchase paperwork there and ask for a police waiver, it is a form saying the LTO is OK..

PS. Even with red plates you can only drive for 30 days on them....


Thanks for the advice! 


I'm afraid I'm not sure what LTO is...


Had the dealer saying they will give me red plates within 5 days..However that is Thai time, and we all know how that goes...



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12 hours ago, northsouthdevide said:

I remember asking my wife a few years ago, why a new car was being driven around with no red plates, and she said that local people who don't travel outside their area choose not to have them to cut costs of purchase, and that it's generally accepted by the local police in our town. 

As for insurance, you should check if your better half took advantage of any 1 year free insurance offer from your dealer, then check with the dealer if its valid without any plates. 

Cheers for the advise mate. 


That was my first worry aswell and I checked that with them this morning. They assured me that was no issue, and I doubled checked with the insurance. Yeah we got the free first class insurance on it 🙂

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11 hours ago, fertilizer said:

Had this happened to me some years back with a new Honda. Told them I will not pick up the car until it got original plates, red or white (they offered "copied red plates" which I refused). Within only 4 days the car was ready for delivery with white plates as well as the original registration book.


A dealer have a certain numbers of red plates only. Dealers improving their cash flow by misusing the consignment system by late payments of delivered cars easily can run out of red plates - it appears many of them are.


Personally I would not drive without plates as I as a farang try to avoid setting myself up as a potential target. But indeed most people do without any problems.



In hindsight it might have been better to just leave the car until they gave me all the appropriate things to drive the damn thing. 


It's just frustrating to pay a pretty big amount of money, and still not being able to use it fully...

Atleast, not without any worry.. 

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Bought first car back in 2011 had the numbered plates in less than 30 days. Just bought a new pick up truck on 29 Feb 2020 and still using red plates. Many calls to the dealer only resulted in lies and broken promises and only after some pressure they admitted they didn't send the paper work and funds until the first of this month. Love the truck but hate the dealer. Sales woman said it was my fault because I paid cash. 

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