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Trump considering legislation that may scrap law that protects social media companies

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2 minutes ago, lannarebirth said:

Almost every post one reads in this forum is based on little knowledge and is a pavlovian response colored by personal biases. I encourage everyone to actually read Section 230 before commenting.



Assume I've been drinking. Can you summarize Section 230; I'm not in the mood to read a "book".

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A post using an obscene misspelling of Twitter has been removed as well as the replies.

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2 minutes ago, sirineou said:

What does that have to do with law that protects social media companies?

why was such legislation good good all this time that he occupied the white house but it is not now? 

How does fact checking violates 47 U.S. Code § 230

Is it possible that your reply is a Pavlovian response? 


It's possible but unlikely. So, are you saying that every law that is on the books that came into being before Trump became president is a good law?

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