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Play store updates not working over wi-fi.

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This may have been covered before. My smart phone stopped updating apps over the home 5GHz wi-fi. When I turn off the wi-fi and it switches to my DTAC data package, update works OK. This being an expensive option, I did a quick google search and it appears to manifest itself over various phones and versions with few fixes. Resetting the router didn't work but I noticed that when I selected the home 2.4G wi-fi network (different router), it started to update but very, very slowly. I saw some mention of VPN connectivity on various web sites so I turned that on, selected Singapore, logged back onto the same 5G wi-fi as before and the updates are now blasting in.


Because I typically work offshore where smartphone app updating can quickly overload satellite links, auto update is always turned off, even the 'over wi-fi only' option. Once back onshore, I got into the habit of doing weekly, manual updates when prompted but this is the first time I have seen them hanging up. It say's downloading but nothing happens.


All other smartphone internet access, browsers and email works fine. It was just the play store app updates that were going nowhere.


Anyone else had this issue?

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