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Foreigners allowed to enter Thailand on case-by-case basis

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Foreigners allowed to enter Thailand on case-by-case basis

By The Nation



Foreign Ministry's deputy spokesman Natapanu Nopakun


Under phase 3 of the lockdown relaxation, foreigners with work permits or permission from the Labour Ministry or other government agencies will be allowed to enter the country after registration, the Foreign Ministry announced on Friday (May 29).


“Permission to enter does not cover all groups as we are proceeding step by step,” said deputy spokesman Natapanu Nopakun at a daily briefing on the Covid-19 situation.


The Foreign Ministry has informed Thailand’s foreign chambers of commerce about the relaxation.


Eligible foreign nationals are invited to submit applications at Thai Embassies in their countries. They must have health insurance and a health certificate. They will also be subject to 14- quarantine on entry to Thailand, either in a state facility or in a private facility at their own cost.


Details of the letter sent to all foreign chambers of commerce in Thailand are as follows:


1. The Royal Thai Government's invocation of the Emergency

Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations BE2548 (2005)

(No I) dated 25 March BE2563 (2020) to control the outbreak of the

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19), closes the entry into the Kingdom of non-

Thai nationals, in accordance with the laws on communicable diseases and

immigration. However, clause 3 (5) of the Regulation issued under the said

Emergency Decree, also allows non-Thai nationals who either possess a

valid work permit or have already been granted permission from a Thai

government agency to work in the Kingdom, to apply for permission to

enter the Kingdom.


2. It is, however, requested that only those in urgent need to

enter the Kingdom may submit an application for entry. The Ministry of

Foreign Affairs, in consultation with the Board of Investment and the

Ministry of Labour, will consider all requests for entry on a case by case

basis, taking into account urgency and economic importance, among others.


3. The procedure for non-Thai nationals who wish to submit an

application for entry are as follows:


3.1 Contact the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai

Consulate-General in their country of departure to apply for 'Certificate of

Entry into the Kingdom of Thailand" at least 10 working days before the date

of intended departure. The applicants must present: (1) copy of his work

permits or copy of Ietter of permission issued by a Thai Government agency

(in most cases, by the Ministry of Labour) to work in Thailand;

(2) a valid health insurance policy covering all expenditures of medical

treatment, including Covid-19 worth at least 100,000 USD.


3.2 The Thai Embassy/Consulate-General will forward

the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. If the

application is approved, the Thai Embassy/Consulate-General will be

instructed to issue the "Certificate of Entry into the Kingdom of Thailand"

and appropriate visa to the applicant.


4. At the port of departure/embarkation (eg airline check-in

counter), the approved applicant is required to present (I) a "Certificate of

Entry into the Kingdom of Thailand" issued by the Royal Thai Embassy

Consulate-General; (2) a completed and signed "Declaration Form" obtained

from the Embassy/Consulate-General; (3) a Fit to Fly Health Certificate'

issued no more than 72 hours before departure; and (4) a health insurance

covering all expenditures of medical treatment, including Covid-19, while

traveling to Thailand in an amount of at least 100,000 USD.


5. Upon entry into the Kingdom, non-Thai nationals will be

subjected to a 14-day state quarantine at a government-designated

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility at their own expenses, and

obliged to comply with the government's disease prevention measures

pursuant to clause 11 of the Regulation issued under Section 9 of the said

Emergency Decree.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs,


28 May BE2563 (2020).



Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30388723



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-05-29
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37 minutes ago, JCP108 said:


A little confusing considering the announcements yesterday. 


This announcement today seems to mainly focus on Thai Work Permit holders and doesn't mention Thai Permanent Residents, whereas the reports yesterday had a main focus on Permanent Residents.


The report yesterday mentioned changed/adjusted requirements to enter including mention of possible changes to 14 days quarantine.


The report today is a word for word repeat of reports some 2 weeks ago which did mention Thai Work Permit holders but made no mention of Thai Permanent Residents.


What does it all mean and how up to date is the report today?


Does it mean that the requirements to enter for Thai Work Permit holders remain the same as 2 weeks ago. But now there's another specific announcement (yesterday) relating to Thai Permanent Residents.


I guess we wait and see. 

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2 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:

And apparently doesn't deal at all with all the expats who are here on retirement or marriage, or are stranded abroad on retirement or marriage status.

True. Also number wise the biggest group of Xpats stuck outside of Thailand.

Few added things may be an issue. For example if your on Retirement extension and your most recent permission of stay has expired then not so straight forward. Many countries including my joint, AU, do not issue non o based on retirement. Keep in mind many guys married to a Thai obtain their extensions based on retirement.

Some assume that visa exempt entry to Thailand will still be available. I'm not so sure. 

Seems like Xpats without work permit down the line, followed lastly by tourists.

Finally what job would Thai imm consider very highly of. They did mention "urgent need". Would a school teacher, for example, be included or what about car/realestate sales guy?

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