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Riots in America planed?

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My friend says he got this off the press secretary page. Is this possibly what is going down?
Got this off press secretary page.
Thoughts? Sounds accurate.
The killing of the black man in Minneapolis Minnesota was the elites back up plan if the general population did not riot on their own after months of LOCKDOWN! Yes, you heard that correctly! The trains transporting all the army tanks in March that came and went, those tanks were put in place immediately after lockdown began waiting for the population to riot!
The original plan was - Lock everyone down, take away their rights, force them out of work, close their businesses down, close sports, close churches, shut the schools down, take away in person voting, close all parks - beaches and places of fun - All of this was the original plan to force America to riot and cause civil unrest, IT DID NOT WORK!
Even locking us in our homes, taking away our privacy, our way of life and freedom wasn't enough to get the population fired up to fight back. The backup plan was start a race war by killing a black man in public, stage riots all over America which will be blamed on the killing, cause a mass panic THEN lockdown the country even further where tanks and military can be called in aka Martial Law.
The plan all along was - once people start to riot call in the National Guard, the only problem was the elite thought by now "We the People" would have rioted on our own back in April without sports or fun activities to keep us entertained.
Those in charge had to hire crisis actors to stage riots because even taking away everything we all love so much still wasn't enough to cause us to riot on our own. How sad is that?
If you live in a large city now might be a good time to take a vacation to the country, things are about to be taken up a notch.
Are you awake, aware and prepared?
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Wow! Life in Usofa is so exciting. Conspiracies everywhere, and so clever!

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