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Netizens divided over propriety of man's action to save deer from python

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Netizens divided over propriety of man's action to save deer from python

By The Nation




A debate has erupted online over the appropriateness of a man's action that helped a deer escape the clutches of a python.


Thai netizens recently saw a video of the event.




The video recorded in Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Sri Racha district, Chonburi province on Saturday (May 30) showed a python trying to swallow a spotted deer.


Before the giant snake could finish its meal, a man hit it with a stick and forced it to release the deer, which slithered away into the forest.


Several people said that it was natural for animals to eat other animals and humans should not intervene, while others believed it was the right thing to do to save a life in any case.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30388829



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-06-01
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1 hour ago, Kerryd said:

[email protected] snake wasn't following the covid rules. 

Take out only ! No "dining in" without social distancing !

That was a pretty big snake though. I wonder if the person who was filming it saw the take down and edited it out. That deer was still very alive and the snake hadn't started trying to ingest it yet so it was a pretty fresh take down. 

I had a couple (much smaller) pythons when I was posted to Germany in the mid-80s. One was tame as a bunny, the other was larger (almost 2 metres), wild and viscous. (The vet thought it might have been caught in the wild and smuggled into the country.)
The small, tame one ate mice. The wild one ate rats. With the small one (barely a metre long) you could still see the mouse about a third of the way down it's body. With the big one, you could barely see the rat right after it passed the back of it's head.

That snake could have gotten that deer down, given enough time. He'd have ended up pretty much stuck on that road for quite some time though, between the time it would have taken to ingest the deer and then the time it would have take before it was able to slither away again. Probably 12 hours or more.
(From what I've read in past articles, snakes often get lethargic after "eating a big meal". Probably something to do with all the effort their digestive system has to put into trying to break down and digest a huge meal, resulting in the rest of the body becoming almost dormant in the interim. You'd think that would make them vulnerable to predators and maybe it does and no one has been around to record it yet.)

There was another video out not long ago of a snake taking down a monkey at a temple somewhere. Smaller snake but the monkey was pretty big (it wasn't a baby or adolescent monkey but looked like a full grown adult).
Other monkeys were harassing it but it wasn't letting go and the people watching/filming didn't try to save the monkey either (which looked pretty lifeless by that point so was probably dead anyways). I think the video ended when the snake was able to drag the monkey over a small wall and the people watching didn't venture closer.

I was kind of surprised that the snake in this video gave up so easily actually. Maybe wasn't all that hungry after all !

You are right, the snake would have had no problem, and I also am surprised that it departed so quickly. We had a case in Sumatra where a python had killed and was swallowing an adult woman, but she had a wicker basket strapped to her back. On encountering the basket the snake gave up, spat her out, and ate her daughter 😞

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3 hours ago, nobodysfriend said:

It would have been the best not to interact in this situation .

The Phyton needs to get some food , too .

There are far more deers than Phytons of this size around .

The  Python couldn't eat the deer anyway, It's Too Big.  

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1 hour ago, digger70 said:

The  Python couldn't eat the deer anyway, It's Too Big.  

Not really. Plenty of pics and videos on the 'net of pythons eating things like full grown deer, kangaroos and even alligators.
This is a BBC video narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough:


The deer and the snake seem comparable to the ones in the video in the OP.

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