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Netizens divided over propriety of man's action to save deer from python

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2 hours ago, Kerryd said:

Not really. Plenty of pics and videos on the 'net of pythons eating things like full grown deer, kangaroos and even alligators.
This is a BBC video narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough:


The deer and the snake seem comparable to the ones in the video in the OP.

That snake seems to be a lot bigger , But it maybe possible even if I think that it isn't.:wai:

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The python was only doing what banks and politicians do world wide

Putting the squeeze on a little old deer/ dear

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5 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

Yay ...... Thai man saves Bambi!

"Innocent hunter viciously attacked during dinner by stick-wielding Thai man !"

"Local resident has meal stolen from him by man swinging sticks and branches !"

"Crazed Thai man attacks inter-species couple enjoying a cuddle !"

"Shopper attacked and forced to drop food by crazed Thai man !"

"Victim claims attacker was a real "snake in the grass" !"

Alleged victim threatening to sue after video of attack is leaked on the internet.

Alleged attacker is threatening to sue after video of alleged attack is allegedly leaked on the internet.

Alleged TV POTY threatens to sue after finding out he wasn't invited to the party !

Person who filmed the alleged attack is suing himself for leaking the video onto the internet. "I never thought I'd be seen as the bad guy but now I've lost face and have to sue to shut down all my critics." 

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