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Smokers beware! Crackdown means lighting up in public could get you a 5,000 baht fine

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Smokers beware! Crackdown means lighting up in public could get you a 5,000 baht fine



Picture: Daily News


Thailand's authorities have continued their crackdown on smokers in the belief that the habit causes a risk of the spread of coronavirus. 


As the pandemic eases Daily News reported that a nationwide crackdown on smokers and sellers of illegal cigarettes is underway. 


Health officials and police yesterday raided shops in a flea market in Ramintra, Bangkok. Shops face fines of 50,000 baht for advertising and 20,000 baht for selling bootleg cigarettes. 


Seven members of the public were caught brazenly puffing away. 


All admitted wrongdoing and were fined - the fine is up to 5,000 baht. Daily News did not say what they actually paid. 



Picture: Daily News


Regulations enacted in 2017 are being employed to stop people smoking in public places. 


Last week passengers waiting for buses at Mo Chit 2 were fined. 


Health authorities have said that Covid-19 can spread far and wide on the smoke and besides smokers will not be wearing the obligatory masks. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-06-01
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Wow. Thailand is becoming unrecognizable to the fun, laid back place I first visited in 98.   What a shame it's heading towards becoming a police state.   I say this as a non smoke

About blaady time.....one crackdown I do agree with....

basically no   they are looking for more ways to gouge money from dirty farangs

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