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How Many Expats Have a Masters Degree and/or PhD (they are not using)

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I haave two degrees, both of which I use in my work currently. I'm surprised to see that so many people have put in the effort and learned so much but don't use the knowledge they've acquired, I suppose most people in the thread are retirees.

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Why would I want to help Thais?

Just wondering how many TV Members, located in Thailand,  hold an advanced degree from a western University, in whatever subject,  and that they are not using here.  Was it needed for your career, or

I doubt anyone in Thailand would be interested in the Masters degrees that my husband and I got over forty years ago.    A few years ago, my husband got roped into helping "polish" the Engli

I read this thread and can only think that what a bunch of pompous snobs. Although I would like to do some formal volunteer work, I would refuse pay if more than my Thai counterparts. Free would be OK. On occasion, I have been asked my opinion at the local Thai hospital (government) because they know my background. I told them I can't join the staff because of visa issues. I doubt I'd be a great help on routine cases since the staff seems very competent. 

I do have advance degrees and licenses and have taught at several universities in Thailand and US in the past. Now, I enjoy my retirement.

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On 6/1/2020 at 1:33 PM, NancyL said:

I doubt anyone in Thailand would be interested in the Masters degrees that my husband and I got over forty years ago. 


A few years ago, my husband got roped into helping "polish" the English of a Mechanical Engineering PhD thesis of a student of a Thai professor friend of his.  The English was atrocious as was the level of work -- it would barely quality as a senior project in the U.S.  I suggested he ask for the Thai version of the thesis in an attempt to figure out what the guy was trying to communicate.  I was in my fifth year of studying Thai at the time, focusing on reading and writing.  The Thai version of the thesis was a disaster, too, and my Thai teacher agreed with me.  The guy couldn't write a decent paragraph in Thai, let alone in English.


That was the end of our foray into using our advanced education to help Thai people.  Oh, a couple times I've helped the children of Thai friends to "polish" their essays for admission to western universities, but those are just one or two page documents and written much better than that PhD thesis.

Thais generally don't learn to write essays in Thai government school. 95% of their exams are multiple choice. This causes them to struggle when they come to writing theses. Students who study mainly in English (International schools / EP's) will learn how to write essays and lab reports. 


I do have a PhD from 20 years ago. I don't use it directly, but use a lot of the skills that I gained during that experience in my teaching. 

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2 hours ago, Catkiwi said:

Degrees...waste of time. I have 2 degrees but all of the theory does not relate to the realities of life.

You made a poor choice of degree subjects.

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A lot of jobs are reserved for Thai citizens and not foreigners.


Even if you have PHD or master's, it is useless here if you can't speak fluent Thai.


Many Thai citizens can do the job equally well in most fields , the only exception is English teachers and that's why it is open to foreigners.



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Wow, I feel so humble amongst such intellectual academic qualified giants on the forum.


It seems from the forum we have a well-educated bunch of experienced and industry knowledgeable Farangs.  


What a shame we could not harness all that collective knowledge and experience and put it to good use.


Like a Consultative Think Tank that offers Thais the way forward to all their aspirations of successful execution of their Thailand 4.0 initiatives and beyond.


And maybe make a few Baht along the way.


Thais traditionally have a very hierarchical disciplined narrow bandwidth thinking mindset.


And often due to cultural and tradition do not challenge their superiors.


On the other hand Farangs are brash and argumentative and will challenge and contest any hypothesis that is fundamentally dubious. (E.g. TV Forum Posts 5555).


They are like a dog with a bone!


You need to be thinking outside the 9 dots if you want a country to progress with innovative ideas and creative solutions.


Playing follow the leader and copying and enhancing is not a leading- edge creative progressive strategy.


If you’re not Thai you are still an Alien to them and don't fit into their narrative of them believing they are the superior race in Asia. 


But if you develop the framework and strategy and let them execute and deliver on it and let them take the credit you have a Win..Win for all parties.


“It is little keys that open up big doors." - On small steps leading to great achievements”

― Lamine Pearlheart

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I got a G C E in literature all those years ago and went to a public school ,but found that your parents knowing the right people was a much better start in life and has been all through my life .😉

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