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Coronavirus wreaks havoc on Cambodia's tourism industry

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With foreign tourists not visiting Cambodia, an increasing number of people find it difficult to make ends meet. Experts say the tourism industry will take years to revive. Ate Hoekstra reports from Siem Reap.


It's been two months since Horn Bo took passengers to Angkor Wat. Like many other Cambodians, the tuk-tuk driver largely depends on tourism for his livelihood. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the Southeast Asian country, foreign tourists are not allowed to visit Cambodia.


"Before the outbreak, I was carrying foreign passengers every day. Now I feel lucky if I take some local passengers to the market. I almost don't earn anything anymore," Bo told DW. Cambodia's economy has taken a big hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, largely because of a temporary ban on international travel.


read more https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-wreaks-havoc-on-cambodias-tourism-industry/a-53649498

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Posted (edited)

Very sad for all the people associated with the tourist industry, but for me, the other evening was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to photograph the Bayon Temple and Angkor Wat without a single tourist in sight - quite remarkable! It will be so different when the virus emergency is lifted. Note - no smoking out in the open here as well!


IMG_2435 (1).JPG

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Shame it was pissing down though. Looks quite miserable. Would love to do it solo too, but. :wink:

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