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I need serious info on living in Cambodia or vietnam

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Money's clearly not an issue, so why not take a nice, slow trip around the neighbouring countries and see how you feel afterwards?

Are you not over reacting a little. Is Thailand making it harder to live---or your wife's relations?   You don't seem to be in a great frame of mind--talking about jumping off of a high place etc....I

Cambodia is a 3rd world dump for those with low funds that are OK with a downgraded living standard. Vietnam is getting better, but still not even close to Thailand. Your income is decent an

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48 minutes ago, BritManToo said:


Enter on an 'Ordinary VISA'  $35 (not a tourist VISA $30).

Extend at an agency for 1 year, costs around $300, just fill in a form, no need to ever visit immigration.

Siem Reap is very nice, but hot as hell in the summer.

Phnom Penh is where most of my pals ended up, nice promenade by the river.

Loads of expats hanging out at the 'Pickled Parrot' of an evening.

P_20190416_084808 (1).jpg

Hey thanks , maybe we can talk further some time in the future. Sounds good.

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Keep an eye on inflation in Vietnam, currently running around 4% but in previous years has been very high, cost of living could get pricey.

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