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I need serious info on living in Cambodia or vietnam

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Money's clearly not an issue, so why not take a nice, slow trip around the neighbouring countries and see how you feel afterwards?

Are you not over reacting a little. Is Thailand making it harder to live---or your wife's relations?   You don't seem to be in a great frame of mind--talking about jumping off of a high place etc....I

Cambodia is a 3rd world dump for those with low funds that are OK with a downgraded living standard. Vietnam is getting better, but still not even close to Thailand. Your income is decent an

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On 6/2/2020 at 7:16 PM, madmen said:

That's 10000 baht. Just had a mate pay an agent here 14000 baht for a retirement extension  and that's without any funds in the bank. For the extra 4k why would you take on the drama and expense of moving to a new country ?


Op you wont like càmbodia to live and the expats there are deadbeats mostly who failed at living anywhere else.

I agree.


BTW the 1-year Cambodian extension is currently ONLY available to retirees and working expats. All the deadbeats get 6-months only and then have to do a visa run.

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6 minutes ago, lee b said:

Agree, lived there a while after Saigon and Nha Trang, the beach was amazing and always quiet, unlike NT.

Danang has a very long beach, much longer than Nha Trang. Unfortunately, it gets pretty dirty during the rainy season and especially after a typhoon.


Danang is also rather cool for a tropical city - winters remind me more of Sydney than SE Asia, with 20 degree Celcius (68 degree F) maximums and cloudy, dreary, drizzly weather for 2-3 months.

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4 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

Da Nang beach is really nice, but it's too dull to live there.

1 week holiday is about it.

Photo taken while I was there last year.


I agree - it's nice for about 8 months of the year but between December (sometimes November) and February, the weather is terrible and the beach can be full of trash, as I experienced on my last visit in December 2018.

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Should move this to the Cambodia forum.

I took a short trip to Cambodia with the g/f a couple years ago. Everyone thought she was "khmer" and even tried talking to her in Khmer. No surprise, her family lives near the border so not that long ago they probably were "khmer".

Anyways, while in Cambodia we spoke to some locals (taxi drivers, people at the hotel, vendors) about living there. From the sounds of it, the only thing that was as cheap as Thailand was rice.
It seems almost everything else is imported and more expensive than buying the same thing in Thailand.

Also keep in mind that the political situation in Cambodia tends to be a bit more "unstable", as often is their relationship with Thailand.

In most places, you may find that things like water, electrical, cable (TV) and internet won't be as good as Thailand.

And you'll just absolutely love it when there's a wedding ! Apparently it's tradition to play music as loud as possible all - day - long on the day of the wedding. And I mean L O U D !

Shouldn't be a problem in the bigger, urban areas though.

As with anywhere, there are trade offs. What you are willing to give up, or put up with, compared to the benefits of wherever you choose to be.

For an American, Belize and Costa Rica may be attractive alternatives, as well as Panama. I've heard a couple of Central American countries are considered as viable destinations for retirees, with the advantage of being much closer to home (if that makes any difference).

The Philippines should also be considered, especially as English is fairly commonly spoken, they had a large US presence there for decades and are predominately Catholic (if religion matters to you).
Lots of "quiet" places and some big cities as well. My understanding is that the food isn't as spicy as Thailand either.

Personally, I'd stay away from Vietnam just based on their communist government (and their usually hostile relationship with China). Same reason I don't look at Laos as a possible alternative (full time) destination.

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51 minutes ago, HarrySeaman said:

I have no experience with Vietnam so I won't comment on living there.


Apparently you have no experience in Cambodia so it is not a place I would recommend for you. 


There are some definite pluses to Cambodia over Thailand such as a lower cost for living, lower cost for medications, lower cost for alcohol.  If you are a punter then Phnom Pen is the place to be for selection, just expect to pay almost as much there as you do in Thailand.


With a heart problem you are basically limited to living in Phnom Penh where there is the only decent hospital in the country. That hospital is a branch of Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital, and it has Western hospital prices like Bumrungrad. 


Siam Reap is not too bad and Battambang is very nice if you like the quite life.  There are other places where it used to be good live if you were in good health but places like Sihanoukville and even Kampot are no longer good choices because of the Chinese invasion.  Just look YouTube to see what has happened to Sihanoukville and its lovely beaches over the last few years, and Kampot is next on the list. 


My advice is simple, divorce then move to Pattaya where there are lots of expats, which can mean lots of friends.  Much cleaner air than Chiang Mai or Bangkok, Western quality medical care and hospitals, lots of good Thai and Western food, shopping malls for whatever you need, and if you are interested bar girls or boys are widely available, or will be once the COVID-19 crisis is over, or you can pick and  choose girls for home visits from social media sites like Thaifriendly.  A second choice would be the Hua Hin area.

I didn't know the Chinese were already moving into Kampot. As for Sihanoukville, you're right, it's finished.


I was also going to suggest Koh Kong, but that place probably won't remain off the radar too long either, especially since a major Chinese investment is currently taking shape along the Koh Kong coastline inside a national park. I recall seeing a very strange sight back in 2017 on my last trip there - a Chinese convenience store, with Chinese signs, but no English, Thai or Khmer, right next to the border crossing where the casino is located. This is probably a sign of things to come.


I second remaining in Thailand, or considering Malaysia, Vietnam or even the Philippines.

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Posted (edited)
On 6/2/2020 at 6:52 PM, garygooner said:

Consider the Philippines. Take a trip there first and see for yourself. Get as much info first before you take the plunge. Vietnam & Cambodia other options of course. 

Top Quality medical care in the Philippines on a level available in Thailand is almost non-existent,  especially in the provinces.   Even mediocre private medical care and especially prescription meds much more expensive than Thailand.   If you are in declining health, the Philippines is not for you.

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