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I need serious info on living in Cambodia or vietnam

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1 hour ago, yuyiinthesky said:

// However not so much Phnom Penh, but more Siem Reap and Kampot.

Kampot !?? Seriously I don't think that many of us could live in Kampot! :blink:

It's a tiny city. Very very quiet. Perfect to rest for a weekend, but not longer!

There is just nothing there! You can walk around the whole Kampot in 1 hour.

You can even do it walking in the middle of the street, as traffic is nearly non-existent!

Ok, it's quiet & nice, for walk, boat, mountain bike, photos...

but again just for a short holiday... IMHO... :jap:


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Money's clearly not an issue, so why not take a nice, slow trip around the neighbouring countries and see how you feel afterwards?

Are you not over reacting a little. Is Thailand making it harder to live---or your wife's relations?   You don't seem to be in a great frame of mind--talking about jumping off of a high place etc....I

Cambodia is a 3rd world dump for those with low funds that are OK with a downgraded living standard. Vietnam is getting better, but still not even close to Thailand. Your income is decent an

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On 6/2/2020 at 10:49 AM, PatchinExPat said:

Hey thanks , maybe we can talk further some time in the future. Sounds good.

Cambodia  is the wild west  .good luck 

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On 6/3/2020 at 4:50 AM, Pattaya46 said:

Easy visa? Only for 30-days periods for tourists and retirees ! 

Have to renew visa every 30 days :blink:

Thailand give you 1 year for retirement, mariage,...


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I second Vietnam, friendly people, loved it, Cambodia?????? Another pattaya, filthy and full of sex tourists. Third world, live there????? Really???

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6 hours ago, theonetrueaussie said:

Don't listen to the haters, the thing you need to realize is that most people who have moved on and are much much happier by the way no longer visit these forums. Many people have found that thailand is no longer the place it was 7 years ago...let alone more then that, Why live here when quality of life is constantly going down, Nearly everyone I know here has moved to either vietnam or Philippines and is much more content with the quality of life.

As for which is better you will have to do some travel and stay in places for 2-3 months and then determine which place you like best. Don't be miserable and stay here hoping things get better and return to how it was in the past...it's just not going to happen!

Very wise and considered words. Try before you buy as suggested for 2-3 months in potential locations. A good tool to help in assessing each place is to develop a simple checklist of criteria or factors that are significant to you in your longer term decision making. Across the page or spreadsheet have 3 columns and rate each factor as one of :

A. Must have,

B. Must NOT have

C. Nice to have ( = an added benefit)  .

Do/use that template for each location and then, depending on your mindset (left brain or right brain) you could weight the importance to you of the different factors and come up with a numeric score per location, OR, use your page per location to come to a short list of preferred locations and then follow your heart to pick the winner.   Male logic is very different to female logic.  

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7 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Da Nang beach is really nice, but it's too dull to live there.

1 week holiday is about it.

Photo taken while I was there last year.


Yes, if you have no game and can't pick up woman, stay away, go to cambo,  if you can use the Internet, da nang is probably the best value for gals. Viet gals are by far in a league of their own, .

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8 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

At 65 years old, no woman I wanted would want me ...... no matter how good my game.

Ask Roosh, master of game, after 40 he got nothing except religion.



57 minutes ago, davemos said:

Cambodia  is the wild west  .good luck 


Danang is small and easy to get around Many visa easy bars 24 hours  if you want 

I have condo easy food is good  Cant get out of Thai right now 

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2 hours ago, Deli said:

1st of all, dump the wife and her family. Get away from them ASAP and don't let them know where you are. Change your phone number, Facebook, etc,  And than, as the others suggested, take your time to travel around, when it will be possible again. I got divorced myself and after that, I was happy again.

good advice.    very few takers

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Cambodia gangs of pickpockets  everywhere and girls cheap beers 18 baht  VN is controlled but easy to make a life and cleaner too 

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If the OP has approximately 100,000 baht a month to live off, he can basically live anywhere in the region, either in Thailand on retirement visa or Cambodia, Philippines etc.


Vietnam is great but is changing quite a few rules lately. Laos is nice and easy as well as a gentle way of life if you are older.


Siem Reap in Cambodia is OK, but you have no beaches there. I get bored after five or six days maximum. You wouldn't want the beach place of Sihanoukville, too much development and Chinese.


Why not Cebu in the Philippines where US citizens are still popular and no language worries? Easy to stay as well as a US citizen.


With 100K a month, you have loads of options and should not be talking about considering jumping off tall buildings unless your name is Clark Kent.

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7 hours ago, davemos said:

Cambodia gangs of pickpockets

Plenty if videos of Viet pickpocket gangs around.

Keep your hand on your wallet in crowds.

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