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London Boy

Bought a condo with girlfriend, but how do I protect my deposit?

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9 minutes ago, ianezy0 said:

If the marriage goes of the rails

They are not married it is his GF.

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2 minutes ago, steven100 said:

your joking right ....  !    how the heck do you think you can secure your deposit .

you can't even do that in a civilized country let alone Thailand.

Actually that's not quite true. I bought a house in New Zealand with my ex wife. We bought it in the name of a limited company and the company took a loan from me, and when we unfortunately divorced, the loan had to be paid back. Houses in Auckland are quite pricey and the deposit was $210,000 so it was well worth paying for the legal work before hand. However both the loan, title and limited company were in joint names, so slightly different scenario.

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