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Woman whose car hit a motorcycle with grandmother, grandson: “It’s okay, they’re not dead”

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18 hours ago, colinneil said:

Not been charged awaiting test results?

Breath bag, result on the spot, or is the police superintendent saying, we are waiting see how BIG the envelope will be to make the charges vanish?

Well, so we'll hope the test result will not vanish on the way miraculously...😂

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21 hours ago, webfact said:


The Ban Mai Police Station superintendent said the woman driver has not been charged as police are awaiting test results to see if there was indeed alcohol in her blood. If this is confirmed, she will be charged with drunk and careless driving as well as injuring people and causing damage to their assets.

If they had evidential breath analyzers at the cop shop there would be no need for blood tests if that is what the suggestion is .. She'd just blow the machine in copshop which then prints out the results .. Giving blood requires at least an experienced nurse or doctor to perform the procedure .. and claret must be stored correctly and analysed quickly for accurate results .. 

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