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British government faces mockery over coronavirus 'sex ban'

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8 minutes ago, LoS itaint said:

Your mate eh?...................Bojo has had a baptism of fire which has sadly shown he is way out of his depth & embarrassed the UK which has become not only the dustbin of Europe but now the leper of Europe.




........... in your opinion.



I certainly don't view the UK as a dustbin of Europe (have you seen France, Spain etc) and as for "lepers".... get real - we have left the leper colony.

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Leper of Europe is a bit unfair..  It is true that we have the highest fatality rate in Europe and that the government consistently screw up their response to the pandemic.  It would help if Johnson and his crew would stop lying about what they are doing.  This track and trace is just another example of claiming a success when they can't even get it up and running.

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