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After Age 60: Is it possible to learn to Read and Speak Thai? And, Is it Worth the Effort?

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Yes, of course, on both counts.  Absolutely!   When I first washed up on these blessed shores, I thought that learning a new language might be pointless, as well as beyond my capabilities,

the more you learn the more distance will appear between you and GF, phone calls are answered in a different space etc etc my suggestion is lean basics for polite returns to family and unknown Th

Is ignorance ever better than knowledge?    I started learning Thai at age 60 on my own in the States.  I have continued to study here in Thailand, first at the Intensive Thai program at Chu

37 minutes ago, JohnBarleycorn said:

If you are serious about learning the Thai language, then you should let your mother know.

If she is as wonderful as you say she is, then she will help you learn Thai.

There are very few people in Thailand who are not very willing to help others learn their language.

If you wish to let your mother know that you are serious about learning Thai, then please begin by learning 1000 basic Thai vocabulary words. If you can do this, then I guarantee that your mother will take your Thai-language learning project much more seriously.

More importantly:  Your mother may not feel comfortable or qualified to teach Thai.  And, if this is the case, then please don't press the issue.  Instead, if you wish to learn Thai, then take advantage of the many resources on the internet.

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Basic Thai is a good tool to have so at least you can manage your way around, and if you think that you still have the patience and capabilities to learn than do so, what have you got to lose?...

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Posted (edited)
37 minutes ago, cmarshall said:

It's too bad so many expats miss out on its unique pleasures.

I am relatively fluid conversationally but even after 20 years feel I am scratching the surface of what does give me some insight into the unique Thai personality and outlook on life... my original curiousity here was in finding people [even poor people] who seemed much happier than the middle and upper middle class people that I knew from Western culture... the language does give insight.


37 minutes ago, cmarshall said:

ราดน้ำมันเข้ากองไฟ, หน้าไหว้หลังหลอก (an indispensable phrase which I had learned, but forgotten), and ปล่อยไปตามยถากรรม, discussion of which helped refine my understanding of the niceties of the Thai concept of karma.

can you translate these phrases for us? - - - my ability to read is poor - I can sound them out poorly but the meaning is beyond me... thanks C.

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