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Apple iOS 13.5.1 Release: Not for everyone

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Just updated my iPhone, then read this. Not a jailbreaker, so phew, I think I'm safe.


"Jailbreakers, iOS 13.5.1 is all about you. The release will break your jailbreak and, having so recently just got it, that will be a deal breaker for many. That said, there is a flip side to Apple’s actions, which I’ll discuss in the next section."


"For everyone else, 24 hours after release the response from iOS 13.5.1 upgrades is positive. Apple has not fixed the MP4 playback problems nor the boot loops in iPadOS, but it does not appear to have introduced any major new issues. There are isolated reports of texting and typing issues, flakey Bluetooth connections and battery drain, but nothing so far with any momentum to suggest a wider problem. Reddit’s popular iOS release thread also reports no major concerns and is in a jovial mood."



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11 hours ago, pijo1234 said:

Buy Samsung ! Top screen, harware, overal quality. Standard connections (usb, audio) not like Apple.

Also more cheaper than Apple.

Android is much better than iOS.

None of my 800 apps will run on it. None of my paid apps run on it, many of my essential apps are not available, the phones are not supported by 5~8 years of software updates, so that makes it more expensive even if the hardware were to be free. 

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I went from Android to Apple a few years back. Apple has been much more dependable on both software and hardware sides, so going to stick with Apple.

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