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No confirmation on when international tourists can return to Thailand: PM

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Sounds like they are thinking smartly and trying to do the right thing here.

Meaning that the Thai tourism industry will continue to be in the crapper and millions who depends on it for their survival will continue to suffer and lose their life's works and investments witch wi

Basically he has inferred that the situation will be monitored and should it be deemed safe to allow tourism again then Khun Prayut will act.    " He added that only tourists from certain co

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13 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


My elderly father passed away in the hospital in the U.S. earlier this month. It came on rather quickly, so not sure I could have made it back to the U.S. in time even under normal circumstances.


But now, under these circumstances, as a retiree with no work permit, I see no clear way of being able to travel back to the U.S. now for follow-up stuff regarding my father -- without the prospect of getting stuck in the CV-ravaged U.S. and being unable to return here to wife and "home" anytime soon.


Remind me to tell my father in heaven -- he sure picked a rather inconvenient time to die... :whistling:


I hear you. I'm here on a retirement extension, too, with no work permit. 

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I wonder if they might extend visa amnesty. No good opening airports July 1st if tourists still not allowed so still be mostly cargo

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2 hours ago, connda said:

It's fascinating to watch the leadership of a country literally destroy that country's economy.  It is a testament to how financially insulated said leadership is from the woes of the general economy and the citizens that they laud control over. 



It's true as he and his cronies live in an insulated bubble from the rest of the people, iy does not affect them at all.

33 minutes ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


Well, for those that have one or can get one, there's always the relatively recent work permit, special application to home country Thai Embassy, prepay for air travel, insurance, pre-flight medical check and post-arrival two-week quarantine package in order to get permission to re-enter now...



Yeah, there will be a big queue for that little lot of rules and regulations.

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I suggested October before, but as it looks like the virus has a seasonal component, only from the Southern hemisphere then. Or wait until there's a treatment/vaccine.

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40 minutes ago, PerkinsCuthbert said:

It is emphatically NOT a simple solution. The logistics of individual testing alone at an airport such as LHR, LAX or BKK would demand huge delays. Then there is the problem of anyone testing positive - is contact tracing performed, the flight cancelled, other passengers scheduled on the same flight quarantined, the airport evacuated?

Essential travel only. Will do wonders to the nature anyway, mass tourism was enabled by cheap, crowded flights. Refurbish the planes to have business class only, automatic distancing. If you must do tourism, take a boat or a train - with test upon arrival.

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Thailand should have a travel bubble starting this month and not next month.


The rate of new virus cases in some countries are so low that it is ridiculous not to let tourists from those countries in.


Just now I went to a tourist area to have my lunch and almost all the eateries there were empty of customers.


I talked to one of the bosses and he wished a more capable government would take over.





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