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No confirmation on when international tourists can return to Thailand: PM

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Sounds like they are thinking smartly and trying to do the right thing here.

Meaning that the Thai tourism industry will continue to be in the crapper and millions who depends on it for their survival will continue to suffer and lose their life's works and investments witch wi

Basically he has inferred that the situation will be monitored and should it be deemed safe to allow tourism again then Khun Prayut will act.    " He added that only tourists from certain co

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56 minutes ago, Swimfan said:

They are scared. They know that the Thai health system would not even be able to cope with a moderate outbreak, let alone a large outbreak like in European Countries. Most western countries have used the lockdown to fortify their health systems for a potential second wave or large outbreak as we have been doing here. I haven't seen any news of that happening in Thailand and the Government has already stated i can not afford widespread testing. If Thailand was to get a large outbreak it would likely be a disaster.

The Thai health system probably could deal with a significant outbreak. If 10% more people were sick and dying than normal, that would mean 25k more this year, which is significant. However, unless the hospitals were already running at absolute capacity in January (no reason to believe they were), then like hospitals everywhere and businesses in general, they just took care of that extra business. An extra 10% of business would not result in bodies mounding up anywhere. As for news of extra deaths...well, that would be up to a very small number of people at the top who see the numbers. None of the rest of us (including medical staff at any one hospital) see those aggregate numbers. Not public data. 


So, in summary: Thai health system could cope. Might have already been having a moderate outbreak. We'll know the answer to that when the MOPH decides to let us know. 


As far as their being scared...it's possible that they see the real numbers, are scared, and that's why the continued measures. 

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5 hours ago, ezzra said:

Meaning that the Thai tourism industry will continue to be in the crapper and millions who depends on it for their survival will continue to suffer and lose their life's works and investments witch will take years to recover from, way to go PM...

It's so easy to make statements like that but it sounds eminently sensible to ease back and avoid ending up back at square one.

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While some of the domestic restriction are currently preposterous, maintaining the borders of the country under strict control is a wise move. The should keep arrivals under quarantine at least until the end of this year as no one knows yet whether the northern winter will trigger a second upheaval or not.

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37 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:

Both the Thai PM and the other misfits he employs in government seem to be under the illusion that the world is awaiting him to open the gates to his wonderful Thailand and there is a massive queue waiting to get in akin to a US mad Friday sale!!


That ship sailed long ago. They need to drop the ridiculous dream of hi so tourists rushing here or the silly idea it is a world premier resort country, it isn't.


It's going to be a long time before people will wish to fly long haul with all the mask wearing and social distancing adding to the already stressful preparations of flying by air. I believe people in the USA and Europe will holiday at home or in nearby countries for the foreseeable future.


Nobody who is a normal tourist, (we are not talking about expats or people with Thai wives and kids) is going to accept the ridiculous requirements the Thais are asking for.


Thailand is no longer fun nor value for money and hasn't been for a long time. Americans can get far more for the Dollar in the US and Brits and Europeans can get far better deals, especially now, in their home countries or those in the Schengan visa regions of Europe.


I am unsure of the Chinese position, but the Chinese government, already facing massive criticism, may not allow their citizens even regional travel for fear of a second wave and their citizens being identified as the cause.


Also, if regional travel commences to say Vietnam or Cambodia or Laos, will they attempt to refuse us entry to these countries via land borders or aircraft from Thailand when we live here semi permanently just because we have US or British passports?

IIRC US citizens were prevented from travelling to Cambodia very early on in the crisis.


Not sure if that travel ban is still in effect but I would imagine so.


As to Thailand not being fun anymore, well... that's subjective.

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14 minutes ago, Gotalaugh said:

It's so easy to make statements like that but it sounds eminently sensible to ease back and avoid ending up back at square one.

Was there ever a square one in LOS.....?

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by lifting the restriction to allow tourists from bubble countries will mean the Thai government is saying its totally safe here. With the amount of what you can and cannot do including not going to the beach (Phuket) why would you want to come here. On holiday you want a bit of adventure, go for a swim go out at night and have a drink. This is not possible.

1. the government are suppressing the masses by keeping the restrictions on, so when lifted the proletariat will be so grateful,  OR....

2. the amount if infections recorded are falsely played down, i.e. there are more infections and deaths than is recorded and the government have to keep the restrictions in place.

3. the ordinary Thai person is busting to back to work and earn some cash, if Thai people cannot earn money there will be more crime as people get desperate.


Its not the same as it was even 5 years ago ( bars entertainment) now there are many chinese who charge anything they buy back to china, have you seen them in 7-11 or Tesco or family mart, there are many indian tourists but they dont spend any money. When the indians book a hotel room at an agreed price they always ask for more discount on arrival!!, I'm glad I sold my hotel 3 years ago, I couldn't stand the BS anymore  

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