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Bangkok police make huge ganja plant bust - Chinese man arrested

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On 6/3/2020 at 8:45 PM, Catkiwi said:

Blaming the foreigners again 🥳 How in the hell can they identify a foreign strain. Oh but they had time to set up several vinyl boards so, it must be true... Words fail me...🙄 

A foreign strain is very easily identified compared to the low quality weed traditionally grown here.


It looks like the had the equipment to yeild some serious medical grade bud, but the plants are anemic, even despite the neglect evident when folks ran away.


As for the valuation, the street value for proper med grade weed could be as high as 1000 baht per gram if sold as singles. Prices obviously come down as quantity goes up.


Genuine medical grade bud from the us would go for 1500 pesos per gram in the philipines when I was there and was very widely consumed. Vape cartridges were also very readily available it came in the original dispensary packaging.


Im not sure how established this place could have been, I would very likely have heard tell of some semi-decent bud available in bangkok, but not a titter.

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