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Helping those in Kamala affected by COVID-19

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Helping those in Kamala affected by COVID-19

By The Phuket News



Helping hand at Cocorico restaurant in Kamala. Photo: Jeff Callec


PHUKET: The impact of the coronavirus on the poorer communities and migrant workers in Phuket has been well documented with many falling between the cracks and receiving little or no government support.


This has prompted many individuals and groups to band together and drive campaigns to help those suffering island wide by way of financial support or the provision of essential goods such as food and household supplies.


Another such example is led by Jeff Callec from Cocorico restaurant in Kamala who, along with friend Éric Smulders and his partner Oè from Laem Son Villa, Kamala has been driving an impressive project which is now into its 44th day and has dispensed close to 14,000 meals to those in need.


Source: https://www.thephuketnews.com/helping-those-in-kamala-affected-by-covid-19-76286.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2020-06-04

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Well done. Good to know that there are some caring people out there. In Europe ppl complain that governments don't do enough. Yet they all have 3 meals/day.

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