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TAT and Thaivisa Expat Explore campaign welcomed by Tourist Industry

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14 hours ago, pookondee said:



Yet they think people are gonna come flocking. lol

Nup-not this time.

Tell em they are DREAMIN.


They are dreaming.  There is this assumption that people will immediately come back.  Why?  Who can afford it?  Rich people?  They don't really come to thailand, LOL.  They go to real resorts.  It may look normal to you but believe me, the only people who find it normal is country folk (referring primarily to asia) on a dream holiday.  

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Just a few factors to consider maybe (some of them have been mentioned here already and it depends on the province you live in):


- Uncertainty of inter-provincial travel. Every province has different rules in regards to Covid and quarantine, etc...

- Even more uncertainty of inter-provincial travel if you are a foreigner (even if living in LOS since donkey years). Up to a few weeks ago a foreigner wasn't even allowed to enter another province.

- Dining with the family only possible with a filthy plastic screen in the middle of the table.

- No sale of Alcohol in restaurants.

- Entertainment venues closed.

- Opening of beaches depends on some weird restrictions of various provinces. E.g. Cha Am: allowed to rent a beach chair, but not allowed to swim, etc...

- Even entering Shopping malls is a hassle.

- Massage girls with face shields and masks

- Don't even wanna go into TM30 and double pricing...


The whole holiday thing is just a hassle and it takes a considerate amount of planning ahead. I'm already getting stressed thinking about it. I guess, I just stay at home although I really would like to travel.

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On 6/5/2020 at 3:40 PM, Mr Meeseeks said:

They are only letting 500 Thais in per day.


There are thousands of Thais trying to get back. 


You are way down the list mate.

LOL irrelevant to foreigners. These Thai are on different flights. Made up of ilegàl massage hookers cleaners and people high risk dummys..He has brains and they don't. Evident by the return infection rate. Thai gov bad job to slow. They will shatter the country. Army know nothing about finance.

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As many others have stated, me and my Thai wife love getting out and about and travel for the day or even a few weeks regularly. But now until I’m guaranteed that entering another province I’m not going to be locked up for 14 days, that I won’t have to wander around looking like bank robber as I puff and pant in the heat through a face mask. That I can enjoy a beer with my dinner and indeed sit at the same table as her. I’m relatively happy to fill in a form at the entrance to a mall etc but not every single place inside that I might choose to enter. I’ll stay home until ALL the above are ok.



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