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Bars and pubs could open soon

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1 hour ago, scubascuba3 said:

Government jobs were always avoided in my age group, only those who couldn't get a decent private job went government, just too sleepy and pay doesn't compare. Too many jobworths. Maybe decades of being underpaid your pension may be ok

Government employees in Canada have done quite well, never a layoff, any job losses came with early retirement and huge buyouts. And no one ever busted their butt on a government job. Most of my friends retired at 55, with great pensions and some with great bonus buyouts. A guaranteed pension as well, none went bust. I can't begin to draw till 62 with a 4 percent penalty, if it is still there. 

Wish I had signed up.

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This is great...I can hardly wait to shout across the room to other customers...😂

Only ones who partake in Songkarn watersports are dumb idiot tourists, there are none about, all that's left in Pattaya are residents, who totally detest the whole Songkarn circus.

The fight (lockdown) was never to stop Covid-19, it was to prevent the health services from being overwhelmed. Covid-19 cannot be stopped - it can be slowed, we will all be exposed to the SARS-Co

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18 minutes ago, Rimmer said:

Bars and pubs could open soon

The sooner the better, then get the flights going and do away with the 14 days quarantine and I'll be going. Until then I will stay safely at home.

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On 6/20/2020 at 7:46 PM, bmanly said:

But at least they still get a twice a year adjustment up of their government pensions. So yes, much worse off but not as bad as some other nationalities who don't get pension adjustments.

I agree, but when those adjustments do not keep up with the rise in the prices of goods and services, then pensioners are going backwards, whether it be in Thailand, or in their home country.


Retiring to Thailand also has the other issue of currency exchange, on top of the rising cost of living here. 

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On 6/20/2020 at 10:58 PM, jacko45k said:

I can't be sure about the exchange rate, but the way the UK government is spending money, and the BofE is creating it, to buy government debt, there is no way it will have better value for a decade.

I agree, and many other countries are doing the same.


10 years with lower retiree numbers, plus natural attrition, as well as those who leave Thailand, will certainly create a void in the retired expat population here, which has nothing to do with the virus situation.  It had been heading in that direction for some time. 

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