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Cambodia ranks ‘expensive’ mobile data in region

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A recent study has found that Cambodia has one of the most expensive mobile data markets in Southeast Asia. The report released this week by Cable, a United Kingdom-based telecommunications company, found that Cambodia is the fourth most expensive country in the region when it comes to buying mobile data.


The findings came after another study that found Cambodia is among the countries in the region with the highest cost of living. That study, which was commissioned by Numbeo, a Serbia-based global statistics website, found Cambodia is the fourth most expensive country to live in Southeast Asia. In Cambodia, 1GB of mobile data for 30 days fetches an average price of $1.50. The highest recorded price in the Kingdom for 1GB of data is $6.25/1GB, while $0.25/1GB is the lowest.


The price for 1GB in Cambodia is even higher than that of many developed countries such as Australia ($0.68/1GB), France ($0.81/1GB), Austria ($1.08/1GB) and United Kingdom ($1.39/1GB), where the cost of living is very high. Neighbouring Vietnam, the study found, sells the cheapest mobile data among Asean countries. Globally, Vietnam is ranked number 10.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50730651/cambodia-ranks-expensive-mobile-data-in-region/

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This is such a stupid comparisson for the following reasons:

It only deals with 1gb per month mobile packages. It does not compare larger packages on data sims. For instance, in Laos, you can get 2.5gb for a month for $12 on your multi-use sim. But on a data sim, you can get 30gb on a data sim for $28.


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According to this article, the cost of living in the UK is very high.


The phrase 'Very high' is subjective and has no place in journalism. It's an opinion not worthy of publication.


According to the Cost of living index for 2019, UK is 19 out of 99, Cambodia is 42 and Thailand is 38. More expensive than some European Union countries and no doubt they would classify the cost of living in Cambodia as 'very high'.



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