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Thailand to tout 'trusted' tourism in coronavirus era

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11 hours ago, Tounge Thaied said:

It's not going away mate. These organisms were here long before we were and will be here long after us. Secondly, a vaccine is not necessary, go take a look at how effective the Influenza A and B vaccines are and, last but not least, take a look how the common cold virus, or the influenza virus, or the AIDS virus, etc., etc. are treated. Do they have "viable" treaments? How many trillions have been spent on AIDS research?There will be no "viable" treatment. Not in our lifetimes... This latest iteration of biological life forms is just one of many other constantly evolving organisms. What we have witnessed in the last 6 months has nothing to do with our safety, our health, our well-being. This COVID event, when you seriously take the time to look into it outside of the bought and paid for, controlled media, you come real(eyes) that we have all been duped. In other words... this entire lockdown is all contrived for nefarious ulterior motives... and it ain't good mate. 

So the purpose of this rant is what?

Yes we know that viruses have been around for years and that the majority survive after contracting them.

I have had colds during my lifetime, the various influenzas, In February just before my seventieth birthday I picked up Influenza A and pneumonia, yes sick for a week or so but still alive.

Regarding AIDS don’t know anyone who has ever been infected but probably like me they avoid the people and practices that put you at risk.

I would be more concerned about Hepatitis A and B which  the doctors tell me is easier to pick up.

Finally please enlighten me as to what are these “nefarious ulterior motives” because if it is all contrived there must be a conspiracy between governments around the world.

I have been mainly following what has been occurring in Australia and the U.K. and the restrictions there have been far stricter than anything occurring in Thailand.

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What does "trust" tourism mean? Every hotel, everywhere in the world will be implementing some sort of social distancing. Are there guarantees for tourists that you won't get the virus? How will that work and what happens to someone if they do get the virus? Is it the government will pay the healthcare costs? It all seems like a hollow promise that will mean nothing to anyone really. Thailand seem to be living in a bubble again regarding the low priority that tourism will be for a long time until people recover from this. They really need to think of boosting other sectors of the economy to try and create employment for people who rely on the toursi trade and stop whistling in the wind.

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Posted (edited)

Time to change the record..

This message is starting to irritate me. 


Safe areas are not just Asian countries. 

Australia and new Zealand surely fit the criteria. 


I have a family home and people who need me back there.

If Thailand allows the travel, all i have to do then is convince Australia to allow me to leave on compassionate grounds..


C'mon Thailand what are you waiting for?

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World Airports opening dates.

(Guess whose missing?)


1. Lebanon  July 15, 2020
2. Bahrain  June 10, 2020
3. Qatar  June 10, 2020
4. Jordan  July 15, 2020
5. Iraq  (Air Corridor) August 1, 2020
6. Iran  August 1
7. Egypt  August 1
8. Saudi Arabia  August 1, 2020
9. Tunisia  August 1
10. sweat Baghdad  first of August month
11. Japan  June 15, 2020
12. Northern Macedonia  June 15, 2020
13. Lithuania  June 15, 2020
14. Hungary  June 15, 2020
15. Poland  June 15, 2020
16. Romania  June 15, 2020
17. Serbia  June 15, 2020
18. Netherlands  June 20, 2020
19. Kazakhstan  June 20, 2020
20. Albania  June 22, 2020
21. Bosnia and Herzegovina  June 22, 2020
22. Denmark  June 22, 2020
23. Estonia  June 22, 2020
24. Finland  June 22, 2020
25. South Korea  June 22, 2020
26. Ireland  June 22, 2020
27. Kyrgyzstan  June 22, 2020
28. Latvia  June 22, 2020
29. Norway  June 22, 2020
30. Slovakia  June 22, 2020
31. Australia  July 1, 2020
32. Belgium  July 1, 2020
33. Belarus  July 1, 2020
34. China  (Beijing only) July 1, 2020
35. Sweden  July 1, 2020
36. Canada  July 1, 2020
37. Colombia  July 1, 2020
38. Kosovo  July 1, 2020
39. Malaysia  July 1, 2020
40. Moldova  July 1, 2020
41. Uzbekistan  July 1, 2020
42. Republic of Taiwan  July 1, 2020
43. Turkmenistan  July 1, 2020
44. Ukraine  July 1, 2020
45. Indonesia  July 10, 2020
46. India  July 10, 2020
47. Pakistan  July 10, 2020
48. Algeria  July 15, 2020
49. Morocco  July 15, 2020
50. Philippines  July 15, 2020
51. South Africa  July 15, 2020
52. Georgia  (only for Georgia City) July 15, 2020
53. UK  July 15, 2020
55. Kuwait  July 15, 2020
56. Libya  July 15, 2020
57. Cyprus (Turkish side) June 1, 2020
58. Russia  July 15, 2020
59. Bulgaria  June 10, 2020
60. Brazil  August 1
61. Armenia  August 1, 2020
62. France  August 1
63. Greece  June 10, 2020
64. Germany  June 15, 2020
65. Spain  August 1
66. Italy  August 1
67. Austria  June 15, 2020
68. Azerbaijan  June 15, 2020
69. Czech Republic  June 15, 2020
70. USA  September 1, 20
71. Switzerland  June 15, 2020
72-UAE first flight to Beirut airport on 1 / 7



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Posted (edited)

Just an unshowered opinion from an Ai Farang but if I was visiting from overseas the first question I would ask is how many are being tested? After they open up they need to test to the extreme to gain the confidence of people no matter how smelly they might be to deputy PMs they sure aren't as stupid as all that.

Edited by bipper
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Absolutely their target market

forget the USA UK broke farangs

we will see

maybe 2025

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14 minutes ago, dallen52 said:

C'mon Thailand what are you waiting for?

For most of them...…...somtam, ky yang and sticky rice!

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2 hours ago, Jimbo2014 said:

Trusted Tourist Destination 🤣🤣🤣🤣  "Thailand 'one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth': Expat investigation lifts lid on dark side of the Land of Smiles"


Not that old chestnut from 6 years ago.  I feel far safer in Thailand than I ever did in the US.

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