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Thailand to tout 'trusted' tourism in coronavirus era

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I think they are wishing on a dream. Once the borders are open we ARE going to get new cases being imported, so their goes the trust, and many tourists will be put off by the extreme measures they wil

Oooh, sounds expensive. And how, if I may ask, is this going to fit in with Thailand wanting to...   As the past has shown over-abundantly, these "big tour groups" typically stay at touris

fleeced with greater ease and with a bigger smile ..    More front than Harrods .. And if CV has been controlled relatively speaking why the on going march with the draconian infringements

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3 hours ago, uffe123 said:

You think you can actually believe anything the Chines goverment is saying?

You think you can actually believe anything any government is saying.....they are not on your side

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5 hours ago, 7fish said:

It's straight from the NWO toolbox, take something that already exists, climate change for instance, happening from the dawn of time, exaggerate it out of all proportion, make it something we have to do something about, introduce new laws and policies all of which always reduce your rights and freedom. In this most recent case, the cornholio, they used the flu. According to all available statistics last years flu was worse than cornholio, as was the year before and so on

Create the problem, wait for the expected outcome, then provide the pre-determined solution. Works every time. 

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On 6/5/2020 at 4:53 AM, webfact said:

The campaign...will be aimed at young affluent travellers from places that are considered low-risk such as China



Okay.....so TAT stands for Totally Asinine Thinking?


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On 6/5/2020 at 3:53 PM, webfact said:

"After COVID eases, we plan to refresh the country's image to a trusted destination where tourists will have peace of mind,"

Always funny when officials here don't understand the double meanings they convey in their use of English. Rebranding to a "trusted destination" implies that they have a history of being shifty and untrustworthy and are trying desperately to get rid of it. It's the language peddled by a used car salesman or a dodgy financial advisor.


Even putting emphasis on the word "image" speaks volumes, no marketing agency in the west would ever go public with such a comment. Ethical considerations come a distant second - as long as the image is right and things appear transparent and above board, s'all good man. 

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5 hours ago, CanuckThai said:

How long can Thailand appease the masses (tourism $ dependent Thais)?  A smattering of "young affluent travelers" arriving won't cut it.   


Pssst (in case a TAT rep is reading this)....affluent types (young or mature) know SEA (and the world) is blessed with an abundance of turd free beaches.  They seek more than temples as an entertainment venue and will RESEARCH a safe, trustworthy place to vacation (Re: road deaths, corruption).   


A more simple strategy to restore a lot of the former tourism business would be to eliminate the requirement of the 14-day quarantine for tourists from China and facilitate those types of tour groups to restart. Seems like China would welcome that since Thailand has totally eradicated local transmissions and China has pretty much done the same. Pretty amazing compared to what seems to be happening most other places!

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