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'It's not over until there is no virus anywhere in the world': WHO

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15 minutes ago, CygnusX1 said:

I think that smallpox is the sole formerly widespread virus that’s been eradicated in the wild, correct me if I’m wrong. Even if an effective vaccine’s developed, the China virus is here to stay, along with many other viruses such as measles, which can’t be completely eradicated, despite the fact that effective vaccines exist.

No, you are right, but many of its 'pox virus' mutations, (less lethal) are still around and although  they don't kill many nowadays, they were themselves lethal in the days before good meds and good hygiene. 

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4 minutes ago, CygnusX1 said:

According to wikipedia, polio hasn’t been totally eradicated, but there are only a tiny number of cases now. I think there may be reasons why eradication of smallpox and polio is more feasible than eradication of a coronavirus.

well I would guess that Darwin tells us that Natural Selection/genetic mutation will, over generations, make viruses all the more powerful and resistant to vaccinations and treatments. A virus will do for humanity at some point, you can bet on it. 

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