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Hotel room in Buriram paid, booking cncelled

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about 6 weeks ago i was looking online for a hotel room in Buriram for the Moto GP weekend in october. Most hotels were fully booked already but i found a great deal on sawadee.com: Ray Hotel in Buriram, 3 nights for total 3000 Baht! I made the booking, paid right away and confirmed by sawadee.com. 3 days ago i received an email from them, telling me the booking is cancelled because the hotel is now fully booked with a Moto GP team... at least i will get the money back but i have to struggle again to find a room in or near Buriram for the moto GP weekend. And of course i am a little bit upset that they just cancelled my booking. Anyone had a similar experience? Any recommendations? Thank you


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That's really bad just turfing you out like that when you had a booking. A lot of people travel from overseas to watch the Moto GP so could be there will be a lot of cancellations, might be worthwhile emailing a few hotels direct and asking them to contact you when rooms come free. Failing that get practicing your tent erecting skills. 

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19 hours ago, Enoon said:


Find out who the team are.


Tell them what happened and ask if there's any chance of a paddock/pit lane pass.

Thanks for your reply Enoon, i will surely try to do so. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade 😊

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