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Former PTT boss tipped to become THAI president

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16 hours ago, natway09 said:

If they do not get an overseas specialist (we know there is not one here) at operating a large International Airline I fear they are gone.

What's with this Thai thing that the saviour has to be one of the boys still or again.

Slow learners.

He may be a good business man but being an Executive in a "manufacturing process" which because of it's nature can hardly not make a profit is a vastly different thing to running a successful International 

Airline with so many more facets.

Finally, is it not up to the receiver to make this appointment, what has the Government of the day got to do with it, now ??

No foreigner would take the job, even if offered.


One word for you     'Sugar."           That is all. 🙂

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On 6/6/2020 at 9:56 AM, mighty said:

Shouldn't they be looking for an experienced veteran of the airline industry?

Well that would make sense, but that does not apply in Thailand. 

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23 hours ago, steevjee said:

Think I can kiss my THB 14250 refund from a cancelled flight goodbye, I applied for it over a month ago but not 1 word of reply. If I dont get it I'll walk before I ever fly with Thai or Thai Smile again.

There was an article in Bangkok Post that last year when they added up income from ticket sales and divided it by  the number of tickets sold the average fare was 6080 baht. Whoever took the extra 6-8000 for an average Thai airways ticket probably has your cash too.

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They need someone like the late Sir John Harvey Jones. Not afraid to tell Bosses they are useless and must go. His exploits on You Tube are quite refreshing, worth watching, and totally unacceptable here.

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