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Handicapped foreigner conned out of ten million baht by sweet talking Thai woman

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While this crime victim has no doubt acted very foolishly, I am not ready to disrespect him. Scam artists can be remarkably skilled. We all have human weaknesses and some people are masters at exploit

If you have a lot of money,never let them know,act as a cheap Charlie,that's a sure way to sort the wheat from  the chaff. regards Worgeordie  


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1 hour ago, murraynz said:

Sad story,but it always amazes me how naive many 'mature' men seem to be....

He has accumulated a reasonable amount of money,so cant be too stupid ??

Heritage maybe ?

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12 minutes ago, Silencer said:

I bought my Thai gf (we live together) a used car last month, 55,000 baht. Does not do hills well though.

Who pays frequent expensive visits from the garage for this cheap car ?

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1 hour ago, thaiThai1970 said:

All men that visit Thailand are basically suckers waiting to be conned by Thai women. The chances of you getting a good one is like finding a needle in a haystack....Most women are on the game just wait for their prey..

Some farang men come to Thailand thinking that money alone can make Thai women fall in love with them.  They tell these women how wealthy they are and throw money around like confetti.  And when they realize that the women were never in love with them, only their money, they act all surprised.


If you've been in Thailand long enough, surely you've seen young Thai women madly in love with Thai men who are dirt poor.  Can't you figure out what moves Thai women? 

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10 hours ago, rooster59 said:

He contacted the Chiang Mai police and a lawyer. They both needed paying to act on his behalf. 

How much do the Chiang Mai police charge per hour for their services?


Can anyone hire them?

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5 hours ago, briand said:


Some ignorant men would tell us MINE IS DIFFERENT,  lol. Even the one that loves u , WHY DO YOU STILL PAY THEM ?

What are you talking about?  Who pays their wife?

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6 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

Yes. I am implying a "real man" has self esteem, is able to recognize his emotional vulnerability and proceed with caution, and is capable of pushing back against an artificially stepped up timetable. Essentially, he is able to say NO! We are doing this my way or not at all. He realizes just how many choices he has, and behaves accordingly. He is always ready to show her the door or walk away, and is ready and willing to verbalize that.  That is real power. 


He does everything in his power to take his time to get to know a gal, and avoids deep feelings until they are deserved and warranted. That could mean spending months and years with her and not chatting incessantly online and assuming " he now knows her". 


Otherwise he is a weak sort of half man, half boy. It is all about self esteem and a realization that some women just do not warrant the attention and devotion. It takes time to figure out exactly who she is, what she is made of, whether or not she has a really good family, whether or not she is sincere and not a con, etc. We owe it to ourselves to follow a judicious, conscious, and thoughtful path in life. Right?

Maybe she was just a good <deleted>. 

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13 minutes ago, 3NUMBAS said:

there has been a few over the years who ended up potless cos of some woman and a buffalo

Not quite true, you see on most occasions the lady just asks, it then depends on the person concerned if they choose to 'give' (There are of course exceptions) no body is responsible for your actions other than yourself if the result is not as intended....well....such is life

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