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Handicapped foreigner conned out of ten million baht by sweet talking Thai woman

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While this crime victim has no doubt acted very foolishly, I am not ready to disrespect him. Scam artists can be remarkably skilled. We all have human weaknesses and some people are masters at exploit

If you have a lot of money,never let them know,act as a cheap Charlie,that's a sure way to sort the wheat from  the chaff. regards Worgeordie  


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Well well well, the Nigerian romance scammers bilking lonely affluent Thai ladies have found their match. Let the race for the greatest sweet talker begin. Nigeria and Thailand both have enormous talent in this respect. 

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9 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

What can one even say? Many of us tend to use a great deal of discrimination when it comes to lending money to our close friends. Not sure how to even respond to the idea of lending money to someone you have never even met. Desperation knows no bounds. 


Do real men do something like this? I think a real man would call for patience. And face to face meetings. Get to know someone. Take your time. Get ahold of your anxiety. Let it unfold in a rather organic fashion. There is nothing natural about meeting anyone online, and you know virtually nothing about them, until you have spent some real time together. Months, even years. 


For some of us, who are not millennials, the whole concept of striking up a relationship online, then chatting and spending dozens or hundreds of hours getting to know someone online, and texting to death, without ever meeting them, just reeks of desperation, and isolation. The few times I ever engaged in online dating, my rule was two emails or chats, then a Skype type video call, then an actual meeting of 20 minutes for a cup of coffee. Lets see where it goes from there. You do not want to meet so quickly? OK. Find another pen pal please. Homey don't play that game.


The biggest part of the problem here, is the extreme emasculation that is taking place in the West. Most men, in the US, Europe, and Oz, are no longer real men, when it comes to dealing with their women. Their women have made their lives so difficult, and alot of women have gotten so far away from their innate femininity, and have become dominant, and super controlling, and men just go along with it. Most men have become so hungry for love, or emotionally desperate for some kindness, and TLC. And most are so desirous of being around a real woman, who knows how to act like a woman, and manifest the dignity, within femininity. So, it is easy for the con artists, like this worm Jariyaporn, to take advantage of emotionally wounded men, who seem to be willing to do anything to regain a semblance of normality in their lives, with a decent woman. 


When my friends ask, I tell them, always remember, if it is good, it is only going to get better. If there are problems, they will reveal themselves over time. Take your time getting to know a woman here, or anywhere. Time is your ally. It is rarely their ally. They are usually trying to step up the timetable. We need to push back. We need to assert control. An environment like this allows us to do so. Take advantage of that. Be a man. Step up. Pay tribute to the gender. Refuse to lay down anymore. Refuse to be a doormat. Refuse to check your cajones at the door. Start making the decisions! I have so many friends, who come here, and from the very start, make the same mistakes they made back in the West. Except here, they do not need to make those mistakes. The environment does not dictate that they behave like lambs. Many do not know, or realize that, or they succumb to "force of habit". Every ship needs a captain. If the man is not willing to be the captain of the ship, the woman will take over, here in Thailand. Most women here seem to want a strong man. But, if they end up with a wimp, they will take if she is a big baby, who only looks like a real woman, but in reality is a 13 year old, or if she is a con artist, if she is only in it for the money, those realizations will manifest themselves over time. Time allows clarity. Never, ever move too quickly. That is the undoing of most of these guys. Man up. Do yourself proud. 



Spot on.. women's rights was a mistake imo

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6 hours ago, CorpusChristie said:
7 hours ago, Bob A Kneale said:

No double standards.  They need to be arrested and charged first, just as happens with the Nigerians.

What can they charge her with ?

Did She commit any crime ?

I don't know, I didn't say that she had committed a crime. 


Some other poster was suggesting that a team of RTP should be performing for the media in front of a display showing her details, photos etc., as they have done for charged and arrested Nigerians, ask him!

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Two expressions come to mind 1. " A fool and his money are soon parted " and 2. " No fool like an old fool "   and he's not even that old to be senile.

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12 hours ago, colinneil said:

Crazy man, thinking with the small head, instead of using his brain.


     One  thing is for sure.

He is not the first and he will not be the last ..


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5 hours ago, OneeyedJohn said:

Don't bother urself with it, who cares, the guy is obviously an idiot, who has more money than sense.

Which makes it even harder for me to understand. Unless he inherited, or got really lucky with the lottery or scratch tickets, it's not that simple to amass that sort of spare cash. And unless you have securities, it's not like the bank is just gonna lend you that kind of money... I forgot what the amount in baht was, and since I don't know the current exchange rate either, I went with (when reading the OP first, before replying) the rate that I had last time in Thailand, which was about 1 euro = 35 baht (how I miss the 40-45+ days..) and did a rough calculation.. if I remember right, it was somewhere just under 390k Euros.


Like I said, not rich, but not exactly poor. Especially for someone who is ~ 15-16 years from retiring (in Austria you work until you are 65ish, if you want a full pension, except the poor females, oppressed by the patriarchy, who get to retire at 63 or earlier, live longer, etc... unless you are a "heavy duty worker", such as bricklayer, then you can go a bit sooner, but not that much sooner). That kind of money will buy you a decent plot of land and a decent, newly built house (with all the energy saving stuff, great isolation and maybe even solar, depending on location) just outside of Vienna. Or a bigger plot, with a bigger but older house a bit further out (Baden, Wr. Neustadt, or even further), in a culturally unenriched (and thus quiet and crime free) area.


So yeah, unless inheritance, sheer, dumb luck, or whatever, he can't be that dumb generally speaking. Which is why I don't understand, how someone intelligent enough to scratch that kinda money together in a short period of time, can lack the common sense to protect said wealth.


Maybe it's Covid, maybe it's been a long time coming. But lately I find myself more and more unable to comprehend other people, their trains of thought, motivations, morals or lack thereof, etc. Maybe I'm just going stirr crazy. Who knows, lol.

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1 hour ago, Kadilo said:

<deleted> Mills and Boon some of this sh.it


        Next edition of Mills and Boon , soon to be published .

             Thai Lady and the  old bald Buffalo ...

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53 minutes ago, Brigand said:

While it is true that this man should have done some research and been more cautious and realistic, I find some of the comments a little too contemptuous and toxic on here. If the boot was on the other foot and this happened in "The West" to some disabled guy there would be PC outrage and lengthy jail terms for the perps plus fury at victim blaming.  However, here in the Land of Delusion it seems perfectly OK to condemn the disabled guy instead of the fraudulent criminals who should be tracked down and made to answer for their misdeeds instead of just passing it off as "the norm" for Thais as there will be plenty of Thais that disagree. The heartlessness and contempt of some of the replies on here is remarkable. Just because he was naive doesn't mean he should be ripped off ... like also, just because someone had a beer doesn't mean that they should die in an altercation/accident when they nonchalantly say there was alcohol in their system as if it was a good reason for the outcome ... hmmm.

I am not sure who exactly you are talking about, or how you get to this conclusion. I know, I know... in this "PC outrage World", one must of course point out that this was a disgusting act by the criminal (but also pay hommage to the circumstances, whether they be "socio economic" or whatever...), or it devolves into "victim blaming", right?


Please, "jog on", as they put it in certain parts of England, with the "toxic" bs. You whine about "PC", yet talk about supposed "toxicity" in the sentence just before.


Of course she's a disgusting piece of you know what. Does that change the fact, that he act like an absolute fool? Unless he is actually mentally handicapped (which then begs to question WHY this man had so much money, and much more importantly, WHY was he travelling alone and without supervision?), to a degree that severely impairs his ability to judge situations for himself, it is both frustrating & angering at the same time, to me.


It is because of guys like him, that makes it more and more difficult to find decent women. Both in the West, and other places, since they - especially if financially more than stable - then start travelling, to try their luck elsewhere. And of course women catch on, and they catch on fast. Even many women, who might have originally been decent and might have even had honest intentions, will eventually succumb to the temptation. Especially in a place, where living costs aren't that low anymore, wages not that great, and consumerism / getting into debt is getting as bad - if not worse - as it is with young people in the West. Except they can afford it even less. You'd be surprised to know, how many girls/women, who seem to be good girl types at university etc. actually hook at night in the upper class brothels (prostitution is legal where I am), and no one knows.


In this ever increasing craziness of instant gratification (via purchasing and living above your means), more and more women give in to the temptation of the quick and easy money. And this is happening outside the West as well.


Of course not all of them. But more and more. And can you blame them? More and more guys allow themselves to be completely emasculated, and give in to Femi-Nazi Kampfparolen like "toxic masculinity" and what not, some are half-a-(insert short word for bundle of sticks here)s to begin with, and let women walk all over them.


Even when I was in my 20s, studies showed that women cheat more than men, and from what I've seen (although subjective, personal experiences are not really relevant, empirically speaking) when hitting the clubs and bars from thursday night through to monday morning, it showed. So many women, who turned out (afterwards, of course...) to have a boyfriend, fiancée or even a <deleted> husband. "I normally NEVER do this". Sure, honey. It's just because I'm that special, and such a smooth operator, right?


And with guys becoming more and more (insert nickname for cat here)-fied by the year, women take over more and more, in that aspect. I've stopped to seriously try sifting through the muck a long time ago.


And thanks to guys like this, others before and after him, and the generally ever increasing population of manlets & soy boys, it's getting to be much the same (partially even worse, with the expectations/the con) in other parts of the World too...


TL/DR: Shut up. Man up. Grow a pair. Stop putting women on pedestals and/or taking up for the weirdos allowing their behaviour in the first place. Women KNOW (at least some) that they can only operate the way they do, because men ALLOW them to.

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10 hours ago, Jingthing said:

Dream on.

I will say the non-love interest one was of the class of these crimes where the perps take advantage of the victim's own greed. That's definitely shameful because you really are partly guilty in those cases. If it sounds too good to be true … 

A blessed by the Lord's G'Day Sah!


I am attorney for the late Prince Vuye Vuye Buye Buye the over 9000th, and I have urgently excited bizniz proposal for u. My name George Bingobongo, you can contacting me on AmJerkinYaGurkin@yahoo.com for only lifetime chance at 5,000,000 (FIVE MILION) US DOLLAHS!




Kindly and respecting regards and blessings from da Lawd Jeebus, and may da watermelonz be wid you

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13 hours ago, Jingthing said:

Not at all. 

It's a very shameful feeling to be scammed like that. 

You blame yourself for not knowing better. 

I certainly didn't call the police and I'm sure only a fraction of such cases internationally are reported. 

That's one of the insidious aspects of this kind of crime. The criminals know that they probably won't even be reported because being a victim is so embarrassing. 

...and the amount of $ stolen, (the tale of the $500 being scammed in home country), isn’t enough to warrant a... warrant?  🤓.  If nothing else an expensive lesson.

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This is nothing new, it is happening all over the world, but more prevalent in Asia, and been happening for many years, this guy has had the balls to admit his downfall, many guys just don't or won't admit it, the saying goes love is blind..... 

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