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Pattaya beer bar owners beg the government to let them open

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5 minutes ago, Tony125 said:

There are still a number of tourists trapped here as well as regular expats who live in Pattaya who would be customers. Also expats from other areas of Thailand and Bangkokians who could come down for a beer.

How many expats go to these beer bars ?

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Many of their customers are close to begging the government to let them reopen too. With no local transmissions in a couple of weeks now, there is essentially no one out there right now for people to

This government aint interested in farang bars or entertainment 

Or the Thai's that work in that industry.

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3 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

How do you know that that is the case for "most"? How many do you know?

I am sure those rich families exist. But I am also sure some are not so rich.

I know a bar owner in Bangkok who does not pay any rent in the moment. Good luck for him. But others still pay at least a big part or even 100%. It depends - as usual. 

The majority of the commercial tenants here (and in the US too, me being one of them) are getting no breaks in their rent. None. Payment deferrals maybe. If you want to dig a really deep hole. The previous post about the rich landlord presumption for bar owners was light years beyond inane. 

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5 minutes ago, Phil McCaverty said:

I'm afraid its a fact in Pattaya. Nearly all bar owners are tenants and the majority are tenants of a select number of Thai Chin families. They're brutal.

It's all demand and supply, when 50% of bars close eventually the rents will come down

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1 hour ago, kingofthemountain said:

Do you really think the virus can pass only by a bar girl?

If it's a girl working in a massage shop, a freelancer on Thailfriendly

or even a cashier in Big C, they are safe? (And you are safe also)


Yes, after 47 days with no one having C-19 in Chonburi province, we are safe. 

Though I still wear a mask as it is "mandatory" most everywhere other than restaurants

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