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Pattaya beer bar owners beg the government to let them open

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4 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

Open air beer bars are much lower risk than supermarkets. Govt just doesn't comprehend what they've done

Yes it does, it just doesn't care...

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Many of their customers are close to begging the government to let them reopen too. With no local transmissions in a couple of weeks now, there is essentially no one out there right now for people to

This government aint interested in farang bars or entertainment 

Or the Thai's that work in that industry.

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1 hour ago, finnishmen said:

thailand need closed borden,ban fly,no tourism, no open any bar and hotel next 1 year better if closed all next 2 year. then have safety and good. no matter how many bar go bankcrupt because have too many bar all pattaya city ,and phuket and bkk. ewery peoples no need many bar, better not have bar lot. and hotel have beach and island too lto today not good, goverment need made law hotel no can build and old must destroy ewery beach and island, island need only one or 2 hotell but all need build only center island NOT near beach. same bar not true need many. only some bar all city have good.

Have you been drinking sir?

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This is the best news ever. Let them all go out of business & welcome to the real world. The best times of Pattaya are well & truly behind them. After all beers bars are nothing more than glorified pussy bars for dirty old men. It's just beers & pussy for cash !! Why not have a beer from 7-eleven & enjoy with friends round the swimming pool at your hotel. No more getting ripped off by bar girls & cheaper too.

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5 hours ago, Don Mega said:


Open them up to no customers.

Well hell, at least they can take advantage of whomever wants a beer...They're already closed, what can it hurt...

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The people in charge seem to be applying pressure to the neck area and they do not seem to care, even when everyone is saying that they cannot breathe!

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6 hours ago, kingofthemountain said:

The greedy Thai landlords, still asking for full rent payements, are part of the problem.


A lot of the small beer bars are running like a ''family'', the boss and the mamasan are the

parents and the girls are the child, so i am not surprised the ''parents'' take care of their ''child''

but of course they don't have infinite funds, they need to open again soon.

And the children sell expensive ladydrinks and give mamasan some barfine when they go 'take care' a customer...

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