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Washington prepares for major protest as Democratic officials move to rein in police

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29 minutes ago, Mbaki said:

George Floyd was a hardened criminal with multiple offenses, it’s a shame they had to pick him as the face for “Black Lives Matter”.

maybe Don King, Mike Tyson, Kanye West, Shaquille O’Neal, Jimmie Walker, etc.... 


The 8 Kinds of Black Donald Trump Supporters

1. MAGA-scots

One of “the good ones.” These are the black people who are willing to serve as mascots for the white people who love Trump. They do so for a variety of reasons. Some of them are black people of middling intelligence, but when they are surrounded by mediocre white people, the combination of racism and low-IQ makes conservatives think the MAGA-scots must be geniuses.



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2 hours ago, ehs818 said:

Wow, even though there are just a few posts here, they are already racist and blaming George Floyds past as the provocation of the cop killing him in front of everyone. Everyone has things in their past that they may not be proud of, but Floyd moved on and was not guilty of anything that deserved the death penalty. I'm saddened that racism exists here in Pattaya in the same way it is institutional in the US.


From what I read, I'm not sure that the police had even questioned him or the shop keeper who reported a forged note properly before arresting Mr. Floyd. To then kneel on his neck for over 8 minutes, whilst he was defenseless and pleading was totally inexcusable. The killer, based on the video evidence, must surely be convicted and receive a long jail sentence.


However, has another poster commented. The past relationship, if any, between killer and victim needs to come out. Maybe this is relevant, maybe not. But it shouldn't be ignored.


The point is that whilst Mr. Floyd's murder is disgusting he was no angle and certainly not a good role model for African-Americans. A crime filled life when younger to fuel illegal drugs. Not exactly poster boy material. 


If you want to understand why criminal race hate retaliation isn't appropriate, ever, read MLK Jnr, Mandela or Muhammad Ali on the subject.

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