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MJ Patts

Buriram Water Pipe Damaged - No Water????

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I am told that Buriram PWA is drilling several large deep wells to pump water into the municipal reservoirs. I am told that existing water pipes are being repaired. I am told that water is being sent on a new pipe from Lamplaimat to Buriram. I have heard nothing but valid complaints about the water supplied from a tanker truck in Buriram. The cost and quality of that tanker water is out of whack. I see major businesses, small resorts, apartment buildings, service businesses all buying water tanks and often new water pumps. Today a major delivery was sent from a Buriram Builders Merchant store to a hotel in Buriram. You can only imagine the wells being dug and huge water tanks installed for the shopping centers in Buriram. Look at the water tanks near the parking lot of the Buriram Castle shopping center. 

Buriram DOS water tank delivery from Ruangsangthai Builders merchants Store July 2020.jpg

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