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2 Rai fill dirt/soil in Ban Dung

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Hi everyone, MIL has asked around and seems that fill dirt is running 650thb per large truck. I need to fill 2 rai by the end of the year....does that sound about right to you guys or is she getting the special "farang son in law" price?

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If the truck is large, and full, say above 6 cubic tonne, then it could be fare, depending on how far the truck has to travel, and if the driver is expected to pay a tax to local enforcement for entering and driving through a municipality. 

Also, it will soon be the annual time for all digging to stop, so I imagine if you're still getting dirt after that time, then you'll be paying a premium. 

For some prospective, my friend lives 20k outside of our small town, and he just payed 250bht per truck from practically next door. 

Where as I have just bought dirt for 550bht a truck, because im 500m from the town. 

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