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My cancer is back for the 3rd time and I want to live!

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My name is Svetlana Alexenko and I would like to ask for your help.

It all started in 2017 from just a nosebleed and I was told that this is from high blood pressure. I used to have very severe nose bleeds and headaches all the time.
I consulted the ENT specialist and the doctor diagnosed me with puss in the nasal cavities and prescribed antibiotics for one month as well as told me to regularly clean my nose.
Nothing helped me.
My eye began to swell up and it would pop out to the point where it was scary to even look at me. The doctor didn’t even sympathize and told me that I will need to make a hole in my nose to drain out the puss.
He didn’t even suggest to do MRI or any other imaging and investigations. I was so broken and lost but I knew in my heart that something was wrong. The doctor said imaging was no necessary and it is just a waste of money.
My sixth sense kicked in and I requested to do MRI because this was not just some little puss that would simply go away. I was scared my eye would fall out and I would lose my vision.
While waiting for my turn for the MRI, I still had to continue with the process of removing the puss. The doctor secretly took a biopsy without informing me and without even using anaesthesia. I was terrified.
There was so much blood...Read More

Official supporting documents can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/sos_alexenko_svetlana

You can donate and support Svetlana here:


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20 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Accept death ...... it comes to everyone.

Is this what you would say to your dying wife or kid?

I'm deeply shocked to see the replies to this thread. You people are heartless savages with no empathy.

If you believe this is unworthy and irrelevant to your little life, at least keep silent in order to show respect for those who are suffering.

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