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How ‘daycation’ packages can boost revenue for Thai hotels

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How ‘daycation’ packages can boost revenue for Thai hotels


Hotels in Thailand could boost occupancy rates and generate ancillary revenue by offering ‘daycation’ packages to locals and expats.




While hotels in Thailand start to cautiously reopen as the measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are eased, there has never been more uncertainty regarding the future of the tourism and hospitality industries.


During this unprecedented and challenging time, hotels and resorts need to explore every avenue possible in order to maximise income.


But that is easier said than done, especially when it could be a year or more before international tourism returns to Thailand at the levels of pre-COVID-19.


So what can hotels and resorts in Thailand do to boost income in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic?


The answer could be a lot closer to home than many hoteliers realise. 


By targeting Thai locals and foreign expats with ‘daycation’ packages or promotions, hotels and resorts in Thailand could easily boost both occupancy and revenue.


A 'daycation' package could be offered in a number of different ways but the main premise enables hotels to maximise use of empty rooms and other underutilized facilities such as swimming pools, spas, fitness centres, restaurants and bars.


Hiring out a room to a ‘daycationer’ gives hoteliers the chance to maximise occupancy of rooms that would otherwise be vacant.


Furthermore, it also offers the chance to generate revenue in other areas of the business, particularly around F&B and facilities such as pools, spas or even kids clubs. 


Offering 'daycation' packages to locals and expats further helps to build loyalty among a customer base that is available year round and not just for a high season. 


Free promotion of your 'daycation' package


Thaivisa has partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to launch Expat Explore, designed to help boost the domestic tourism industry post COVID-19, while at the same time bringing exciting new offers and promotions to expats in Thailand.




As part of Expat Explore, between now and 31 October, Thaivisa is offering free promotion to hotels, resorts and any other tourism related business in Thailand. 


Expat Explore will be heavily promoted across all of Thaivisa extensive platforms and media groups:

  • Web banners on Thaivisa, Inspire Pattaya, Inspire Bangkok, Inspire Hua Hin to Dan about Thailand – delivering over 1 million web impressions each month.
  • Inclusion in our daily e-newsletter sent to over 330,000 subscribers 
  • Dan about Thailand will be covering the different areas of Thailand and reporting back as a vlog on all you can do 
  • Shared across our various social media networks, totalling over 400,000 followers
  • Print adverts in various publications across Thailand promoting Expat Explore


And if you send us a 'daycation' promotion or another offer which offers savings of 30% or more, we will give you DOUBLE the amount of advertising across our website and social media channels - all for free. 


To ensure your business is promoted for free on Expat Explore, simply send the following information to [email protected]:


  • Your business name
  • Website address and links to your social media accounts
  • Promotional offer
  • Dates offer is valid
  • Your business contact details
  • One image to be included in the post on Expat Explore



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