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Reseachers in Thailand testing horseshoe bats for coronavirus

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17 hours ago, Bkk Brian said:

Bat consumption in Thailand

Respondents who either had eaten bats or knew people who had eaten bats said that they were usually prepared by frying or stir-frying with garlic, chili and/or basil; or boiling in curry after discarding the intestines and wings. Some people also ferment bat meat as they would pork, and serve it with rice; or prepare a spicy bat soup.



Had them 20 yers ago,deep fried with garlic, as a chef I couldn't refuse, didn't particularly like them,bittery coz liver they leave inside,crispy and salty.

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Talked to my GF about it, she's from the North. She remembers that it was notmal for the people up there to eat bats long time ago. No idea about nowadays but I think habits didn't change a lot outside of the bigger cities.


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19 hours ago, Blumpie said:

I'm having bat soup tonight!  Tell you how it goes.  


Me  too  but you do   have to  boil them for a long  time, cant decide whether cricket or  table  tennis?

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16 hours ago, natway09 said:

I ate fruit bat in Sibu, East  Malaysia, The Hostess  bought them live in 2 cages on the way home.

They tasted great


Next delicacy must have been a sewer rat?

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Still waiting for an update on what they found in the Chanthaburi caves horseshoe bats in Thailand.


The silence is deafening.


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