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Bangkok: Most people complain about the terrible sidewalks

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No such problem in Pattaya as most sidewalks have been stolen from the city by business owners

Around Rama 4 they were cleared of vendors because people can't walk on SW. But guess what. Gradually drift back. Typical Thai way , rules and laws enforcement are only for a short time for public ima

Thailand has sidewalks?

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Sidewalks are for walking?  555

Everyone knows sidewalks are for vendors.


Actually some years back on Suk Soi 4 I saw a pushcart version of the Denver Boot on a violator.

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24 minutes ago, ajarnmarc said:

In phuket town, people are discouraged from walking. Once a taxi see's you walking they will follow you down the road, asking you several times for a fare. When you show them your vehicle keys, trying to let them know you drove to where you are now. They simply don't care, you are fair game, and they will continue to follow you until you enter a place of business, then drive away. Once you depart that business, there will be another taxi, with different driver to follow you back to your vehicle. It's beyond local Thai people thinking how you might want to park down the road (like we have a choice) and walk to the place you have business to attend to. This is when you can even find a place to park in most towns, and the taxis take up every available parking spot in front of any popular location, and if all else fails there's the business owners to chase away anyone parking in front of the business, other than a taxi for my guess is they pay to park, I mean block the front of these businesses. Thailand at it's best...So sidewalks is like private land, which people feel is the best spot to sale something, plant something, let their daily laundry hang, you name it it's endless the uses the local can find for what we would refer to as sidewalk. 

In Phnom Penh the sidewalk comes in handy for doing a spot of welding!🙂

One thing to say in favour of Bangkok is that I can almost always get a taxi driver to use the meter, something that doesn't tend to happen elsewhere. (I only ever hail taxis that are moving, and with there light on, if you try to use one that's parked up, they'll try to overcharge).

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