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Utter carnage: Pick-up collides with six wheel truck in Rayong

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2 hours ago, nausea said:

There's a hierarchy on the road, and six wheel trucks rule.

No mate, the 6 wheelers bow deeply to the 18 wheelers loaded with steel rolls.

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59 minutes ago, worgeordie said:

58 dead with Covid 19, and they are really serious about it, 6000 + killed so far

on the roads this year,and the powers that be don't seem to give a f£cK about it.

regards worgeordie


Because the rich can get police escorts on the roads but the Chinese virus can kill anyone

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14 hours ago, Darksidedude said:

looking at the pick up i dont think that would have helped much

Yes, I thought about that after my post. It would make scraping the bits up into a bag a lot easier though as they would probably still be in what is left of the cab.

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