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Thai road carnage: Monthly death toll already 616 - Year total well past 6,000

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Thai road carnage: Monthly death toll already 616 - Year total well past 6,000



Image: Daily News


The death toll at the scene of accidents in Thailand in 2020 now stands at 6,313.


In the first 16 days of June the toll is now 616 after 47 were added to the numbers on Tuesday. 


Despite a two month nighttime curfew the country looks well on the way to repeating last year's 14,907 at the scene deaths, notes Thaivisa. 


Daily News - who publish the figures every day in an effort to raise awareness - said in their half-hearted headline that drivers really ought to look to their left and right and not lose concentration.


This was the lesson to be learned after a Toyota Altis driver had to be cut out of their vehicle after a collision with a ten wheel truck in Thanyaburi heading towards Rangsit north of Bangkok. 



Picture: Daily News


According to Dr Thaejing Siripanich who heads a Thai anti drink driving group there were 13,956 fatalities at the scene of accidents in 2018. This rose to 14,907 in 2019 and is already 6,313 to date in 2020. 


Daily News said that 600 had died so far this month. We added up the figures and came to 616. 


DPM Prawit Wongsuwan said last year that he acknowledged that the death toll from all fatalities on the Thai roads each year is in excess of 20,000.



Image: Daily News


Most estimates put the figures at between 24,000 and 26,000 fatalities annually when deaths on the way to and subsequently in hospitals are added to the tally. 


In addition around one million people are maimed and otherwise injured each year, notes Thaivisa. 


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-06-17
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