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Young Polish woman stranded in Phrae forest retreat since February

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8 hours ago, connda said:

Rural Thailand and Thais are different than those you find in the cities and tourist hot-spots.  That's why I moved from the city back to rural Thailand many years ago. 

True of the natives of many if not most countries I would say.

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On 6/17/2020 at 5:24 PM, snoop1130 said:

Suchart Somboonteking, the headman of nearby Banmapraw Village, has asked provincial authorities to help care for the tourist until she is able to return home.

they had enough.

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There were at least 3 repatration flights from Bangkok to Poland late May, she just wanted to wait out the Pandemic on free food and visa lol. 


Thailand is not cheap for Poles, we have the same prices for food/uber, so she had to had money when she traveled, not like she was super poor to start with.


And I forgot, you could always fly to Germany and they would let you transit to Poland during all these times.

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2 minutes ago, tonray said:

Waiting for the "Young Polish Woman does a Runner" as she leaves without settling the bill

Runners are for falongs from the isles only, she got free room and board. Good reason to stay. She'll have the whole place fluent in Polish soon. 

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10 hours ago, Redline said:

I wouldn’t mind being stuck there for half a year






Good deal for her. Without people traveling the place would be empty or close too. This way they get some free advertisement. Hopefully their good works will fill this beautiful spot soon.

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