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How To Enforce A Will In The UK From Thailand?

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19 hours ago, Captain Monday said:

If I looked at a property I check water pressure for sure. Do you have home inspections

for home loans over there? Checking all the outlets and breaker box require electrical.

No need to keep the phone and internet.


Maybe the OPs brother wants to save on motels when he takes his gik out?

Utilities mean gas, electric and water



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Posted (edited)

The amounts for utilities are indeed trivial compared with the costs of getting a solicitor and possibly the courts involved. Remember, you'll also be paying for at least half the legal costs the estate incurs in dealing with your solicitor.


Anyone who's been through a situation like this knows that as a practical matter when you're thousands of miles away you are effectively giving control to your sibling who is there. Unless you've got money to burn, move on.


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On 6/23/2020 at 4:30 PM, spambot said:

I respect the others on this thread that are suggesting that you contact a solicitor and obviously that is an option.


I personally would not do this since it might escalate the situation especially if your brother then does the same - this then goes to different level.


The bottom line is you have a simple issue to resolve and it makes most sense to keep it simple and the more people involved will create more complexity. Keep this between you and your brother.


I know that its difficult leaving Thailand right now, but a cheap flight for 4/6 weeks is going to be more effective and less cost than anything else now - If communications has actually broken down beyond repair.


Stay in the house and talk with you brother - You have the legal right to do this and your brother will understand the symbolism.


I just went through a similar, but not identical situation after a death with a property in dispute. The other side went the solicitor route and they now have legal bills completely disproportionate to the  value of the property. 


I came back from Thailand and took possession of the empty property and this has been the single most effective action and probably the only reason a solution was eventually found.


You are not having a property problem, but rather a communication problem and it is not going to get solved without being a player in the game, willing to talk and doing it with honesty and fairness to both you and your brother.


Its not easy however and hence - Good Luck!

Thanks, sorry for the late reply but since I posted this I have now had my truck wrecked, my son jailed (for wrecking it) and some roof beams destroyed by termites, so I am not having a very good year - Thanks for your advice, it makes a lot of sense and rings very true as to what the outcome would be given any escalation. Much appreciated thanks!

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Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions, sorry for my late reply, had a few more things going on at the moment. Apologies. Some very good advice and it is well appreciated. Sorry i could not reply to everyone on an individual basis but your comments / advice are greatly appreciated, I am taking it a day at a time at the minute.

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