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Hua Hin: DSI investigate Brit using Thai nominee in alleged 240 million baht property crime

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1 minute ago, robblok said:

Seems Brit crooks are as bad as Thai crooks. I am sure I wont get many likes for this one.


I wish t here were some tough laws for this to protect buyers. I don't mean it has to applied to foreigners only but to everyone giving better protection to buyers.


But I think it would be hard as the people doing such things are usually rich or have al ot of cash from cheating their clients enough to bribe a lot of people. 



well, the tips can be a bit light 😆 so maybe those were too..

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2 minutes ago, robblok said:

To be honest i love to be doing business with a foreigner. I mean like a foreign handyman or something. I find it hard to find Thais to do a really good job. Its not a price thing but just hard to find qualified persons. I am not saying that Thais are not good as they certainly are given that some houses and other buildings look great and are built great. Its just hard to find those kind of people as they have work enough and probably don't have to advertise. 

Nah, I meant in the context of real estate/legal. You're correct there's not an abundance of skilled labor.

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1 hour ago, worgeordie said:

I think I know what his intentions were, with 5 projects and not delivering

on any of them......

regards Worgeordie

In a land of everyone owning a gun apparently , what sort of fool would do that ? 

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