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Hua Hin: DSI investigate Brit using Thai nominee in alleged 240 million baht property crime

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3 hours ago, SiSePuede419 said:


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  There's no such thing as property developer scam artists.


For example, from Queens, New York. 😂


Got any evidence that this criminal has a SUCCESSFUL property development track record back in Old Blighty?


Or was that pure, uninformed SPECULATION not based on facts? 😏

Don't think he is saying that, I read it that the majority are honest, which of course they are. However sometimes a market collapse, finance problems etc mean the project does not get finished.


For this guy I have no idea,, but I would be nervous if I were any of those individuals who bought property using the loophole of putting it into a inactive company name.. Thai law is very clear, you cannot buy land if you are foreign but many still do.

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6 hours ago, robblok said:

🤣 I am not that impressed with the Dutch cuisine ( I dont really count Mayo and fries as a Dutch thing its just fast food). 


I ate Brit food a few times too was also not that impressed. I must say I liked German food a lot more. French food was also not to my taste that much (maybe I am just picky)

British food is amazing, the country has a lot of restaurants that are considered the best in the world,, things have changed since people associated British food with just fish and chips, not to mention thousands of world class chefs nowadays. Like most EU countries there are also a lot of mediocre places and fast food, sounds like you ate at one of these places, perhaps a chain restaurant. Also in my opinion the French are the masters of cuisine, they have added more to global cuisine then any other nation and I have eaten some stunning food in France. I am pretty shocked you couldn't find something that was to your taste in France.🙂

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