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For those that know Jun, he would give the shirt off his back to any stranger, but with Covid-19 and travel restrictions to Thailand, there hasnt had much tourism coming in which means no one is visiting for training @Junmuaythai. 


For those that have been to Jun, you feel instantly accepted and apart of the family.


Its a really hard time every where in the world, but third world countries like Thailand have been hit really hard with minimal or no support from the govt. 


We all want a gym (JUN MUAY THAI) to go back to in the near future, so if you can spare a few $'s  so we can...Read More


You can donate and support Jun here:


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Help me keep Jun Muay Thai ALIVE ! 


I don't know Jun.

I do not support Go fund me Beggars . 

He runs a Business If he can't make ends meet because of the Wuhan Flu Go and Beg the Government . 

Don't ask people ,  every one is feeling the pinch  from the virus  and many have   the same trouble .

Business goes bad ,Get of you're butt and Find something else to do. 

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