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Krabi Airport to get 5G facility through Huawei in pilot project

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Krabi Airport to get 5G facility through Huawei in pilot project




NBTC secretary-general Takorn Tanthasit


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) and Department of Airports (DOA) will provide 5G telecommunication services in collaboration with Chinese telecom giant Huawei at Krabi Airport as a pilot project before expanding to 28 airports nationwide.


NBTC secretary-general, Takorn Tanthasit said that the NBTC and the DOA had signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) for providing telecommunication services using 5G technology in airports under DOA administration.


“Huawei, as a business partner of this project, will provide 5G equipment and infrastructure for Krabi Airport with a budget of Bt6 million to Bt10 million,” he said. “The installation is expected to start within a month, as Huawei needs some time to import equipment from China.”


Takorn further added that after Huawei finishes their installation, Thai mobile phone operators will have to install additional equipment in the airport to fully utilise the 5G infrastructure and integrate with their existing network.


“DOA will be responsible for network expenses and will evaluate the success of the project before implementing it at 28 airports nationwide,” he added.


“Huawei will provide additional innovations and services at the airport for free to ensure passengers’ safety in the new normal era after the Covid-19 outbreak, such as robots that can detect passenger density in airport areas, thermo scanners, and UV treatment equipment for passengers’ luggage.”


“This MoU aims to improve the quality of telecommunication services and safety standards in Thai airports and NBTC is hopeful that it will help promote the travel of foreign investors and tourists to Thailand when all the government’s lockdown orders are lifted,” added Takorn.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390262



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-06-25
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The people making these decisions probably aren't even worldly enough to understand or know about the data protection issues. To them the offer seems like an act of kindness from Huawei. Hook, line and sinker.

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11 hours ago, mr_lob said:

all those 'multi-millionaires' arriving on private jets will be opening up their data to Xi Jinping and his merry men 

I think Emperor Xi has it already!

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4 hours ago, Deli said:

Xi takes another bite of his cake. Whilst other countries cancel or at least hesitate, here the commies find open doors.

Soon, they will just kick them in!

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On 6/25/2020 at 2:52 AM, PatOngo said:

A win for the Chinese spies, a win for Chinese expansionism! 😒

Every guesthouse in Krabi has been spying on your wifi connection too. So they probably see no problem with huawei.

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