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Buying a condo as a foreigner without the Thai wife having the right to claim 50% of my belongings

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39 minutes ago, stouricks said:

There was a post last week about a Danish guy and his Thai wife went to court over this sort of thing. The female Thai judged in HIS favour saying that it must go 50/50, and only what had been bought during the marrige.

Out of how many farang vs. Thai cases? What are the odds? Do you really want to play them with 5 mil? Not to mention legal fees if it comes to lawyers. Just stay away from that contingency.



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On 6/26/2020 at 7:14 AM, timendres said:

I believe there is a clause in the law that states that property purchased with one of the partner's own capital, as well as certain gifts, is excluded from the 50/50 rule, but you would need to consult a well-versed legal advisor to be sure you are covered.

Also get advice whether you should just buy the condo directly in your son's name. In Thailand children can own property (land & buildings).


This would possibly bring complications, if you decided, before your own is of legal age, to sell you couldn't because you are not the owner and it would take a court order to enable a sale, and such court order is almost impossible to obtain as a protection of the child.

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Didn't you read the recent story about the falang who went to court and won 50% of the assets in his common-law wife's name?

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